Bolt Lash (Direlash •••)
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By UnsungHero

Blue/White Jade Direlash, Artifact •••

Another glory from the legendary Twilight Bright Judgement, the Bolt Lash is a miracle born of a thousand near-death experiences. Bright Judgement sought to harness a true bolt of lightning. However, the power of an elemental lord was insufficient, and lightning created by sorcery would not do either. Trial after trial, it seemed nothing could create the weapon she envisioned in her mind. At least, the Twilight committed herself to catching a true bolt of lightning.

And so, Bright Judgement built a tower of cold iron high into the sky from atop her mountain in the North. And atop that spire she waited, for this bolt must be pure and natural. She could not conjure a storm or it would be tainted. For days and weeks she waited patiently, until the first storm finally came. The iron spire drew strike after strike, but quick as she was, Bright Judgement could not outpace the sky. Her attempts to catch a bolt of lightning were too slow, and eventually the storm passed.

Two years went by, with Bright Judgement standing on her spire passing the days and weeks between storms, and risking death time and again to catch a single pure bolt of lightning. The day she finally succeeded, she almost believed it to be a dream. The quivering bolt seared her hand and struggled to escape, but her conviction held her hand true.

Bringing the bolt back to her workshop, she hammered the bolt into a large ingot of Blue Jade. When the fusion seemed it would hold, she spent another year carefully forging the ingot into a weave which she then turned into a long Direlash. Despite the might of the Blue Jade, the angered bolt of lightning was nearly too much for it to handle, and so she anchored the Blue Jade with a handle made of White, to keep the power in check and direct it. It was not Bright Judgement’s greatest triumph, but it was her hardest earned and her hands proudly bore the scars from that project for the rest of her days.

Bolt Lash is a Blue and White Jade Direlash. The length is an almost pure 10 foot length of woven Blue Jade, capable of channeling an uncanny amount of electric energy, while the handle is a rod of White Jade wrapped in insulating mammoth leather. It has a single hearthstone socked in the butt of the grip. When unattuned, Bolt Lash lies curled in a neat coil and cannot be extended. It also acts as a very strong lightning rod until it is attuned, causing few to be willing to store it unused.

Evocations of Bolt Whip

A Solar or Dragon-Blooded who attunes to Bolt Whip burns away an extra point of initiative from foes on successful Withering attacks against prone targets. This extra point of initiative damage is not gained by the exalt.

Shock Thrash
Cost: 1m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Withering-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

The power of lightning is awe-inspiring, and brings its victims to their knees. Each successful Withering attack enhanced with Shock Thrash causes a jolt of electricity in the victim, forcing them to roll (Stamina + Resistance) to avoid being knocked prone. The difficulty of this roll is 1, but is increased by the number of shock charges held by Bolt Lash at the beginning of the attack.

Each use of Shock Thrash regardless of success of the attack increases the number of shock charges by 1 after attack resolution. Bolt Lash can hold a maximum of 5 shock charges, which fade after combat ends at a rate of 1 charge per minute.

Stunning Flog
Cost: 3m, 1+ Shock Charges Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Shock Thrash

There is no bolder way to proclaim your might than to keep your foes down. A foe that is truly beaten, cannot raise a hand against you. Stunning Flog can only be activated against a foe who is already prone. An attack so enhanced adds the number of expended shock charges to the difficulty of the target’s attempts to rise from prone. Regardless of whether the target succeeds or not, the difficulty lasts and applies to future attempts should they be knocked prone again, fading at 1 point of difficulty per round.

Each time the target fails to rise from prone while affected by Stunning Flog, Bolt Lash gains a shock charge.

Thunder Crash
Cost: 5m, 3+ Shock Charges Mins: Essence 2
Type: Simple
Keywords: Decisive-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Stunning Strike

Thunder resounds and with a deafening crash it brings even the mighty low. Thunder Crash creates a Decisive attack that expends at least 3 shock charges. If the target is not prone, on a successful hit, the target is automatically knocked prone and the difficulty to stand up in increased by 3 for 1 round. If the target is already prone, the target has no choice but to remain prone for their next action and cannot even attempt to stand.

If Bolt Lash has extra shock charges in excess of the cost, they may be expended to convert up to (extra expended charges) extra successes on the attack roll into damage dice on the damage roll.

Lightning Arc
Cost: 5m, 1wp, 5 Shock Charges Mins: Essence 3
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Dual, Perilous
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Thunder Crash

Suffusing the whip with the fury of the sky, the weapon transforms into a solid bolt of lightning which twitches and arcs from nearby surfaces. This grants a variety of effects to Bolt Lash.

Bolt Lash may extend to attack foes up to Short range. Additionally, prone foes at Short range are considered embattled with the exalt for all purposes

The white-hot light of the whip is searing, doubling threshold successes on Withering attack rolls for purposes of determining damage

  • Disarm gambits that utilize Bolt Lash gain 1 automatic success
  • Decisive Savaging attacks against foes that are grappled by Bolt Lash gain 2 extra dice of damage
  • Stealth is rendered impossible for the wielder of Bolt Lash for the duration of Lightning Arc

This evocation lasts until the end of the scene or until the exalt is Crashed.

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