Quint's Edge
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By micky_serendipity

Wavecleaver Daiklave, Artifact ••••

A three foot long, one foot wide, slightly curved blade of black obsidian, set into the sun bleached femur of a death moa. The bone handle travels up the length of blade’s spine, and is adorned with several growths of red coral from the many years the blade spent immersed in the briny depths. Two pearls, each the size of a babe’s fist, fit into the red coral hearthstone sockets. The blade looks like a massive butcher’s cleaver, and once belonged to the legendary Shogunate era Captain Quint, a man known fondly by his crews as The Butcher. Quint was the Dragon Blooded commander of a fleet of fishing vessels, and specialized in hunting the leviathans from the furthest west. In his hand the cleaver cut short the death throes of many a great beast, then broke them down for flesh, oils, and more esoteric resources. Till the walls of creation shuddered, and the Baelorian crusade began. As behemoths consumed the west, Quint turned his fleet to challenge, and the songs still echo from the surf. His blade, slick with the blood of monsters, sank to the bottom of the sea.

The blade remembered the songs of the crews, the feel of countless bones shattering, oceans of steaming blood flowing, and the death cries of the beasts. For centuries the cleaver had served one purpose, and one alone, to butcher the mightiest and bring them low. The blade has been found, and longs for purpose once again. It will rend, chop, crush, and dice the creatures that have grown bold in its absence. By action it will confer Quint’s title on its new wielder, and a Butcher will sail the seas once more.

Wavecleaver Daiklave (Medium Artifact Weapon)
Wavecleavers are uncommon weapons, wielded mostly by Terrestrial Exalts of House V’neef and House Peleps, although they appeal to naval Exalted of many stripes. Rarely exceeding three feet in blade length, these daiklaves are perfect for work below decks, where cramped quarters and low ceilings are the norm. Their thick blades and strong edges make them useful tools as well as weapons, as even steel cables or chains rarely withstand more than a single hack from the curved blade of a wavecleaver. Wavecleavers typically have sockets for two hearthstones, as Exalted on the water are more likely to rely on the gem-like talismans for survival.
Tags: Lethal, Melee, Balanced, Chopping

Evocations of Quint's Edge
Increasing the motes spent attuning Quint’s Edge by two motes allows the Butcher to take chopping actions with the blade, without paying any of the associated costs. The Butcher may take an action to declare a target her nemesis, doing so creates a Minor tie of obsessive vendetta towards the target. A subsequent declaration action, or a truly impressive stunt on the first declaration, may increase the rating of the intimacy to Major. A final declaration action, or one truly amazing stunt on the first, may increase the rating of the intimacy to Defining. Should the target of the intimacy possess the Legendary Size merit, the Butcher can ignore the merit’s effects. Evocations of Quint’s Edge may be affected by the level of vendetta the Butcher has for her target. However, the intimacies created by declaring a target an eternal nemesis do not fade easily. Those few who escape the Butcher’s fury will slowly come to consume her waking thoughts, until the prey is finally extinguished or the intimacy is lost through normal means.

From the deep there's a terror rising
A great beast with eyes like crimson fire

Titan’s Fury Challenged
Cost: 3m, 1i; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Clash, Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

A devil kraken may crush a vessel to tinders in its manifold limbs, a cetaceous leviathan shatters hulls beneath its breaching bulk, and the claws of a terrible crustacean will find no resistance within the heaviest armored plates. When no aegis may turn their wrath, the Butcher meets them with her own might, and breaks their power on her blade.

This charm grants the Butcher an immediate clash attack in response to an attack made against her. Using this charm does not count as the Butcher’s next combat action. Should the Butcher succeed at the clash, even if no damage is done, and her foe is wielding a mundane weapon, then that weapon shatters under the force of the Butcher’s blow.

Vendetta: This charm is modified by the following rules if the Butcher has an intimacy of obsessive vendetta against the target.

  • At the Minor level, for a withering attack, the Butcher’s damage roll double 9’s. On a decisive attack, the reroll all 10’s on the damage roll.
  • At the Major level, damage rolls for a withering attack gain doubled 8’s, and decisive damage rolls reroll 10’s and double 10’s
  • At the Defining Level, the previous benefits apply, along with one final enhancement. After the clash attack is rolled, but before damage is resolved, the Butcher may spend 4 motes to make a withering counterattack against her foe. This is a special withering attack, with damage reducing the target’s Initiative but not adding to the Butcher’s own. Instead, these points are converted into decisive damage dice and rolled against the foe’s health track. Should the current clash be decisive, simply combine the two damage pools into one roll.

Leviathan returns, to devour the world
Set a course, the time for slaughter

Behemoth Wounding Technique
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Crippling, Decisive-Only, Stackable
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

Tis a rare blow that may singularly end the life of a truly worthy monster. Their death is one of a thousand cuts; harpoons binding many hulls to one hide, the seafoam raised by its thrashing colored pink by its blood. The Butcher’s blade will guide the hand to ensure that every cut counts; it remembers how best to bleed the behemoth’s strength from each exacting wound.

When a decisive attack supplemented by this charm does at least three damage, then the target adds a -3 crippling penalty to all of its dice pools for the rest of the scene. This is represented as wounded eye, a stunning blow, or a broken arm; the particular method is described by the Butcher’s stunt. Some of these wounds may not be automatically healed at the end of the scene, and may require additional time or special care to treat when compared to normal injuries.

Vendetta: This charm is modified by the following rules if the Butcher has an intimacy of obsessive vendetta against the target.

  • At the Minor and Major levels, increase the crippling penalty by the level of the obsessive vendetta tie against the target.
  • At the Defining level, the benefits of the previous levels still apply, but the Butcher may choose to pay an additional 7m and 1wp. The damage roll for a decisive attack supplemented by this charm gains doubled 7’s, unless the target accepts a crippling injury (Pg. 201). Should it do so, damage is rolled as normal to determine the severity of the crippling injury, but no changes to the foe’s health track are made. This injury ignores the rule limiting crippling injuries to one per story, but this charm may be used in such a way only once per scene.

To the heart of the raging oceans blue
This time the beast will meet its doom

Leviathan’s Shell Sundered
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

Spears splinter and swords shatter in vain against the untroubled bulk of the great ocean beasts. As a man would barely notice the onslaught of a single gnat, the titans are unimpressed by the assaults of man. The Butcher teaches them regret for their arrogance, his blade cleaves through shell, hide, bone, and blubber. Once he has sundered the leviathan’s pride and its armor, the way is clear for lesser blades to find purchase on the beast.

On a withering attack, increase the Butcher’s overwhelming rating by his Strength score. On a decisive attack, he ignores up to his Strength of the target’s hardness. For the remainder of the scene, a foe that has been struck by a decisive attack supplemented by this charm is vulnerable where the blow broke through their defenses. Any character may make a decisive attack with the target’s hardness reduced by the Butcher’s (Strength / 2), provided they spend an aim action targeting the wound first.

Vendetta: This charm is modified by the following rules if the Butcher has an intimacy of obsessive vendetta against the target.

  • At the Minor level, the Butcher’s hatred spurs the blade to make every cut deeper, and widen every wound. The Butcher’s allies do not need to aim to exploit the reduced hardness rating for this target.
  • At the Major level, the benefits from the Minor level still apply, as does the following benefit. Once the Butcher has drawn blood, he thirsts to fill the air with its scent and a frenzy descends upon him. After completing a successful decisive attack supplemented by this charm, the Butcher may choose to extend the duration of the charm to one scene.
  • At the Defining level, all previous benefits till apply, but the Butcher’s blows are so magnified by his hatred that he places even his allies at risk. The Butcher abandons all restraint, and his blows arc through the air, no matter what is between his blade and his foe. When using this charm, his attacks create an instant environmental hazard out to short range, with damage of (Strength + Overwhelming), and a difficulty to resist or avoid of (Strength). This hazard even affects the scenery within range, as his wild swings cleave through stone walls and or the hull of ships.
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