The Alabaster Onslaught (White Jade Articulated Plate •••)
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By TheUnsungHero

White Jade Articulated Plate, Artifact •••

Unsurpassed Ivory Stalker was the greatest huntsman of the Shogunate era. He was known far and wide as a peerless tracker of animals exotic and terrifying. He made his fortune hunting the remaining vestiges of mighty species that roamed Creation freely in the High First Age.

And so he continued on in this manner until he crossed the Ghost Dragon. An unbelievably massive albino ox-dragon that bested Ivory Stalker in the hunt and cost the Earth Aspect his left hand. The best as twice as large as any other ox-dragon he had ever seen, with scars covering its body from centuries of territorial contests. However, its horns were its most amazing quality, for were gleaming spires of pure white jade.

Unsurpassed Ivory devoted his life to hunting the Ghost Dragon, forsaking family, fortune, and fame to essentially disappear from the world. His only focus was his target, his only desire the hunt. So in the twilight years of his life, the Dragon-Blood finally cornered the ox-dragon in a canyon. A mighty contest between the two occurred which devastated the surrounding landscape, but in the end Unsurpassed Ivory Stalker prevailed, running the Ghost Dragon through with his spear.

Broken and bloodied, Ivory Stalker felt nothing but respect for his fallen prey and vowed to make its death meaningful. He carved out the beast’s jade horns and brought them back to the Blessed Isle. His granddaughter, a skilled armorsmith, was granted the horns with the instructions to make a masterwork from the materials. Unsurpassed Ivory Stalker would not live to see the result, a magnificent white suit of articulated plate armor which would be passed down the family line thereafter.

The Alabaster Onslaught is a white jade suit of articulated plate armor. Motifs of horns are carved and shaped throughout the suit, giving it an unusually primal appearance. Wearing the armor makes the exalt feel mighty and strong, giving them the sense of a hunter stalking prey. The Alabaster Onslaught has 2 hearthstone sockets, one in the center of the chest and one at the collar.

Evocations of The Alabaster Onslaught

A Solar or Dragon-Blood who spends 2 additional motes to attune to The Alabaster Onslaught gains a single automatic success to Rush actions, knockback effects, and attempts to resist being knocked back or prone. Opposed rolls for these actions that tie favor the wearer of The Alabaster Onslaught.

Ox-Dragon Charge
Cost: 4m Mins: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Decisive-Only
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None

The ox-dragon is a terrifying beast, known to all who travel the forests of the East. The might of its visage is surpassed only by that of its charge. When the wearer of Alabaster Onslaught activates Ox-Dragon Charge, they choose a target in any range band that they are able to perceive.

They must begin moving towards the chosen target and are explicitly permitted to perform Rush actions at any range band while this evocation is in effect. For every range band the exalt crosses in pursuit of their foe, they generate 2 initiative. This initiative continues to build until they close to Close range with the enemy and make a Decisive attack. If the exalt takes a movement action that does not bring them directly closer towards the charged enemy, makes a withering attack, or attacks a different enemy, Ox-Dragon Charge ends and the exalt loses all initiative built up with this attack.

Stampeding Might
Cost: 5m, 1wp Mins: Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: None
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Ox-Dragon Charge

The power of The Alabaster Onslaught is relentless and primal, giving its wearer the might of a legendary beast. When Stampeding Might is activated, the exalt’s Strength is treated as (Essence) higher for Feats of Strength to demolish or break scenery. Such actions can become reflexive when used with Ox-Dragon Charge to smash through obstacles in the exalt’s path to their target.

Finally, all attacks while Stampeding Might is active gain the Smashing tag. If the weapon used already has the Smashing tag, ignore the Initiative cost of a Smashing action.

Unstoppable Juggernaut
Cost: (+3m, 1wp) Mins: Essence 3
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Decisive-Only
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Stampeding Might

The beast in full charge is unrelenting… undefeatable… unstoppable. Unlocking the pinnacle power of The Alabaster Onslaught, the exalt becomes the personification of the beastial might of an ox-dragon, and for a moment when this evocation is activated, an image of the colossal creature seems to flash around the wearer of the armor, giving them a threatening presence. Unstoppable Juggernaut is an upgrade to Ox-Dragon Charge, enhancing it for an additional cost.

When Unstoppable Juggernaut is active the exalt gains multiple benefits for the duration of their charge. They become immune to knockdown and knockback effects. Rush actions ignore the mobility penalty of The Alabaster Onslaught. If the resulting Decisive attack is successful, the target of the charge is knocked back 1 range band for every 2 range bands the exalt crossed getting there (to a minimum of 1).

Finally, against each additional target before the focus of the charge that the exalt crosses in their path, they may roll a reflexive knockback attempt against them. This is a contested roll consisting of their unenhanced Decisive attack pool with Essence automatic successes, versus the opponent’s (Dexterity + Dodge) or (Stamina + Athletics). This attack deals no damage, but knocks the opponent either prone or back 1 range band.

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