Artifacts with Evocations

This page lists artifacts with evocations submitted by users. To submit your own artifact, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of the artifact into the appropriate form below and submit it.
  2. A new form will open up. Enter the relevant data into the appropriate fields.
  3. Save the page. It will automatically be listed on this page.
  4. Add the type the artifacts as a tag to the page by clicking on the "tags" button of the bottom of the page. The listed tags must be used if you don't want it to show up as "uncategorized"!

Pick one of these tags in order to define the type:

artifact_armor artifact_weapon

as well one of these to define the magical material:

black_jade blue_jade green_jade red_jade white_jade moonsilver orichalcum starmetal soulsteel

Finally, define the level of the artifact:

three_dot four_dot five_dot

List of Artifacts with Evocations

List of Artifact Armor

List of Black Jade Armor

List of Blue Jade Armor

List of Green Jade Armor

List of Red Jade Armor

List of White Jade Armor

List of Moonsilver Armor

List of Orichalcum Armor

List of Starmetal Armor

List of Soulsteel Armor

List of other Artifact Armor

List of Artifact Weapons

List of Black Jade Weapons

List of Blue Jade Weapons

List of Green Jade Weapons

List of Red Jade Weapons

List of White Jade Weapons

List of Moonsilver Weapons

List of Orichalcum Weapons

List of Starmetal Weapons

List of Soulsteel Weapons

List of other Artifact Weapons

List of other Artifacts with Evocations

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