Charter of All Nations
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By oohprincediamond

Cost: 2m; Mins: Linguistics 5, Essence 2
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Written-only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Mingled Tongue Technique

The Solar’s writings form the pacts and treaties by which disparate cultures can be bridging, joining people through a shared tongue. While using Mingled Tongue Technique to combine multiple languages, the Solar may use this Charm to write out a document in a unifying alphabet, making the message comprehensible to anyone who understands one of its component languages. Its script and form is markedly different from each of the languages it draws upon, and yet it comes to a conformity of understanding that spans different tongues.

In addition, with a written alphabet, it becomes possible for others to learn the mingled tongue from extensive reading of documents in it. This is treated just like learning a normal language, but makes them automatically intelligible to speakers of any component language, although doing so without the benefit of the prerequisite Charm imposes a -2 penalty on influence rolls across the language barrier. This does not, however, confer the ability to understand the written or spoken forms of component languages.

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