Deferred Wisdom of the All-Seeing Strategist
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By SaintedPhysician

Cost: 4m+; Mins: War 5, Essence 4
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: None
Duration: Action
Prerequisite Charms: Tiger Warrior Training Technique, Supremacy of the Divine Army

The Lawgiver's prudent strategy realizes that sometimes, strength must be delegated to be used properly. This charm supplements an Order action, replacing its normal benefits. Instead, the Solar may grant some of her charms to the target battle group, granting one charm for every (4+minimum Essence) successes rolled, to a maximum of (Essence) charms. Each charm costs the Solar 4m.
These charms last until the end of the target's next action, and they are not available to the Solar until then. The target does not have to meet any prerequisites for the charm, but the Solar may only grant charms she knows. Any cost from activating these charms comes from the Solar. For the purposes of this charm, Mortals have a dice cap from charms equal to the Solar's Essence.
The target may not benefit from any other Order actions while this charm is in effect.

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