Illimitable Soul's Reverie
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By oohprincediamond

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Performance 5, Essence 1
Type: Simple
Keywords: Mute
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Respect-Commanding Attitude

The Lawgiver’s performance returns peace to the Age of Sorrows, gentling even the wild beasts as they come into her fold. The Solar rolls (Appearance or Charisma + Performance) to inspire peace in any wild or hostile animals who see the performance. An animal whose Resolve is overcome while stop fighting (unless in self-defense) and act peacefully around the Solar. Animals cannot spend Willpower to resist unless they are familiars or oppose the influence with a Defining Intimacy. As a permanent benefit, a Solar who has learned this Charm will generally not be disturbed by animals as long as she is performing—mosquitoes won’t land on her, snakes won’t bite her heels as she walks through the woods, and larger predators are more likely to keep their distance from her.

At Essence 2+, the Solar can also use this Charm to pacify creatures of darkness, making it impossible for them to attack a character except in self-defense if her inspire roll overcomes their Resolve. Additionally, they take a -2 penalty to Defense and lose the Solar’s (Essence) Initiative at the end of each turn if they took a physical action other than full defense, disengage, or withdraw. Battle groups made up of creatures of darkness lose that many points of Magnitude instead as deserters break away. Deathknights and other Exalted creatures of darkness may spend one Willpower to shake off this influence, while others can only spend a point of Willpower to ignore its effects for a single turn until they have spent a total of the Solar’s (Essence) in Willpower.

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