Second Dawn Stratagem
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By oohprincediamond

Cost: 5m, 5i, 1wp; Mins: War 5, Essence 5
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Supremacy of the Divine Army, Tiger Warrior Training Technique

When all seems darkest, the Solar general calls forth the impossible dawn. The Solar’s player may use this Charm to retroactively declare that her character has arranged for reinforcements from a group of warriors that she has trained or won the loyalty of, and that they arrive just in time to sway the tide of battle. In order for this Charm to be triggered, an allied battle group must either lost its second (or subsequent) point of Size in that scene, or have dispersed entirely after failing a rout check. The Solar responds with a reflexive rally for numbers roll to determine the Size of the reinforcement battle group she calls upon: a default of Size 1, plus another point for every three threshold successes on the Solar’s roll, up to a maximum size of (the higher of the Solar’s Essence or 3). At the beginning of the next round, the reinforcements appear at a point chosen by the Storyteller to reflect the Solar’s retcon, and the battle proceeds as usual. The battle group will usually have the traits of tiger warriors trained by the Solar, but may use different character traits based on the narrative.

This Charm can only be used once per story, unless reset by raising a community’s positive Tie towards you to Defining intensity over the course of providing martial training and military protection to them. Not all members must hold the Intimacy at Defining level, but a significant number must in order to reset the Charm.

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