Gahrovis, the Silent Scream Tearing at the Throat
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By Raemus

Gahrovis has long been considered a pitiable thing. She is the silent rage at the heart of Adjoran. The anguish, anger and resentment of her new form. The pain, sorrow and unending torment of the injustice, indignity, and hopelessness of her plight. Gahrovis holds her court in a vast district laid flat by the collision of layers centuries ago. There not even malfean life dare tread for at a moments notice Gahrovis may let loose her anguish, and silence the land, crushing all noise beneath her silent scream. This inevitably calls the Silent Wind or her daughters slaying those foolish enough to have roused Gahrovis in the first place.

Powers: Gahrovis can utter silences as mortals do sound, likewise she can unmake sounds with her utterances. Her unwords can unbind oaths, remove blessings/curses, etc.. Additionally she can call and command the winds of Malfeas born of Adjoran, even bringing portions of them into Creation though this is likely to bring the notice of Spirits.

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