Sultan At The Gate

The Sultan at the Gate

by Bodhisattva

The Padishah in Saffron Robes
The Ravenous Devourer of Promise
The Fire at the End of the World

This Deathlord, the tenth Champion of the Neverborn, usually takes the form of a wizened old man wearing saffron robes and turban with jewels hanging from about his neck and adorning his fingers. His white fringe of hair pokes out from underneath his turban and his beard is long and thick. He carries a golden staff with nine brilliant-cut emeralds the size of a baby's fist set into the head in an irregular arrangement. He wears no sandals upon his feet, which are wrapped in bandages the same color as his robes, with his toes sticking out. His fingernails are uncommonly long, but not unusually so, and end in straight cut tips that resemble the blades of a spade. Pinned to the front of his turban is a silvery brooch set with a large yellow crystal that is smooth like a cabochon and seems to have infinite depth to it. He is usually seen to be smiling, as if amused by some kind of private joke.

Despite the Sultan's appearance, he is a fierce warrior and is capable of feats of strength that betray his unassuming form for the supernatural creature that he is. The Sultan is no slouch at political machinations, either, but has little use for long-term alliances or defeated foes. The Sultan at the Gate prefers to destroy his enemies completely, casting them down to the depths of Oblivion when he is finished with them, and his allies are no better off after their usefulness is at an end. This does not mean that the Sultan is untrustworthy; he is completely trustworthy until his business is concluded. Beyond that point, he feels no loyalty toward former allies and sees everything from a very businesslike perspective, albeit a ruthless one.

The Sultan commands a small, but powerful army of undead, mostly comprised of powerful undead spirits and jade effigies gathered from all across the South. His army lacks the raw power to challenge his closest neighbor, the First and Forsaken Lion for supremacy, but what the Sultan lacks in sheer numbers, he more than makes up for in the individual power of his servants. The First and Forsaken Lion has challenged him several times for control over territory only to be thrown back each time. Ultimately, the Lion has decided that the Sultan's holdings are just not worth the effort… yet. Aside from his dealings with the Lion, the Sultan at the Gate has few dealings with his Deathlord peers, and they largely ignore him as well. He would set the entire world on fire if he could, and they see little reason to deal with him beyond the times where it's absolutely necessary, as they do not trust him to spoil their plans in favor of his own goals. However, they do respect him for his power and his ability to draw the most powerful undead to his cause, something that his peers have had some difficulty doing, as many of the most powerful spirits of the Underworld want little to do with the machinations of the Deathlords. They wish they knew his secret in dealing with these powerful ghosts and spectres, but however he manages to recruit them to his cause, the secret remains with him alone.

Also under the banner of the Sultan at the Gate are three hekatonkhire, powerful ghosts of primordial souls. The first of the three is a beast known as Ikalgoth, the Lord of Malevolence, an ever shifting mass of blood, bone, fanged mouths and hunger that remembers having once been the soul of the being now known as the Queen of Suicides. The beast hungers for the flesh and spirits of the Exalted; it does not care which kind, and the Sultan is careful to keep his Abyssal servants far from the creature. The second of the hekatonkhire that willingly serve his cause is The Whispering Colossus, a gigantic jade warrior that is nearly half the size of the behemoth, Juggernaut. The Whispering Colossus appears as an emaciated figure with great paws for hands and a bony crest that caps its death-mask head. Various jagged spikes protrude from its spine and it walks hunched over as an ape would. While it rarely uses them, it carries a pair of soulsteel Grand Daiklaves strapped to its waist and is able to wield them as if they were daggers due to its vast size. It appears clad in a leather strip loincloth and sandals that lace up its legs to its knees and carries a great stone shield across its back that it has been known to use both to block the blows of its opponents and to smash them into paste.

The last of the Sultan's hekatonkhire servants has yet to be revealed to any outside the Deathlord's inner circle, but the rumor among his forces is that this hekatonkhire's service was a gift from the Sultan's Neverborn master. It stays buried below his fortress, Phantom Alcazar, deep in the Southern wastes, and none but his Council of Eights has seen the beast.

The Sultan's Council of Eights consists of eight of his most powerful servants outside the hekatonkhire themselves; three ancient ghosts and five Abyssals who administer his affairs throughout the South and coordinate his assaults upon the nomadic tribes and desert caravans that roam the deserts. They are also working toward the Sultan's goal of destroying Chiaroscuro, marshalling his forces and preparing for the long journey that will take them to the city itself. However, they must first open a shadowland large enough to move their assault force through and the efforts beings such as Grandmother Bright and other heroes of Creation have slowed their efforts. Nonetheless, the Sultan is patient and already has agents across the city who are setting plans in motion to generate massive civil unrest and revolution in Chiaroscuro in the hope that the populace will tear the city apart, either creating the necessary shadowland that will allow the Sultan's army to pass into Creation or weaken the city so that either one of Chiaroscuro's neighbors will pounce on the weakened city-state or the Sultan can challenge it directly. He keeps the hekatonkhire in reserve and refuses to send them into Creation to ravage freely… for now. Once he has established a permanent base of operations in Creation, he will likely unleash the powerful undead beasts upon the face of Creation and burn the South to ash.

Life in the First Age

The Sultan at the Gate does not remember who he was, exactly, in the First Age, partially due to the trauma of his death and partially due to the influence of his Neverborn master, Tears of Want. However, he does remember details about the things that he did those centuries ago. He remembers going to war with the Fair Folk over a city out in the Wyld somewhere to the south of Xela-Cas. He remembers having dealt with the Fair Folk with skillful diplomacy that, when necessary, was backed by the swift and resolute use of military force. His reputation grew as a generous and virtuous ruler, but toward the end of his life his rule became cruel and licentious. However, during the height of his power, the being that became the Sultan at the Gate had a singleness of purpose that inspired others to greatness both militarily and spiritually.

Based upon what he remembers, the Sultan at the Gate knows that he was fair and generous to his opponents until they chose to deal with him with a lack of honor. After that point, the Sultan remembers being a brutal foe that was merciless in his retribution. For his deeds and his dealings with the Fair Folk, he was known as the Righteous White Demon, but that is merely a title bestowed upon him by the Fair Folk, not his name from the First Age. Still, it is possible that there are Raksha out in the Wyld that remember him and would be able to tell him more about his past. They might even be able to tell him more about himself from back then, but he is uninterested.

He is unsure of why he spent so much time close to Xela-Cas, as he is certain that he did not like the city, and liked its lord, Eternal Crimson Sunset even less. He feels very strongly that Xela-Cas was a blight upon Creation and if he is able to find the city once more, even if only to find its ghostly counterpart, he would loot and raze the city and destroy all of its remaining inhabitants, be they ghostly or otherwise. It is possible that the Sultan had some sort of falling out with Eternal Crimson Sunset or vaguely remembers some slight to his honor, but even the Deathlord does not know for sure.

The Sultan's Domain

Phantom Alcazar

The Phantom Alcazar is the city fortress of the Sultan at the Gate and is the home to a large number of ancient ghosts, many of whom predate even the Contagion dead. It is one of the larger, if not the largest concentrations of ancient spirits in the Underworld. However, there has been an influx of newer ghosts of late that are beginning to swell the city's ranks. If the number of new ghosts does not slow, the city will have to undergo drastic expansion beyond the current city walls. However, because of its location, the city does not benefit from a wealth of ancestor worship as many other necropoli in the Underworld do. Most of the ancestor cults in Creation that feed into Phantom Alcazar are nomadic tribesmen of the deserts, Djalans and barbarians of the Delzahn Horde, but none of the D'Hennish nomads. Prayers and grave goods coming to the city are frequent, however, which keeps the ghosts who inhabit Phantom Alcazar in a comfortable state.

Phantom Alcazar has a small shadowland, only fifty miles across, located right on top of the Phantom Alcazar itself which The Sultan at the Gate and his servants use to enter Creation at their whim. The most convenient entrance for the Deathlord is located within the Alcazar and leads into a cave in Creation that was once the charnel house of a desert tribe that reveled in cannibalism and death. The cavern network is fairly extensive and nearly invisible from the surrounding desert and is lined with the bones of tens of thousands of victims, many of whom inhabit the Phantom Alcazar to this very day.

The city itself is surrounded by a broad wall that is five times the height of a man and nearly twenty feet thick with a formidable array of towers and guardians to keep the city safe from the nameless terrors that wait in the desert sands. The main gate into the city is guarded by a host of War Ghosts and a pair of titanic black jade effigies that stand high enough to see over the walls and are armed with great stone mauls. Within the walls of the city lies the necropolis itself; a sprawling warren of crypts, mausoleums and streets paved with black glass pavers. The homes of the wealthy are located closer to the Alcazar and are often decorated with lavish adornments and architecture that is breathtaking, even in contrast to the poorer areas of the city. In the very center of the city rise the jagged spires of the Alcazar, the personal citadel of the Deathlord who rules there. As forbidding as the palace appears from the outside with its sickly green glow emanating from the courtyards and gargoyles patrolling the skies above the palace, the inside is lavishly decorated and shows nothing of the wrongness and terror that the outside inspires.

The Alcazar is the seat of government for the city and the city's affairs are overseen by the Council of Eights, with the Sultan himself acting as ruler whenever the mood suits him or the city's problems require his direct attention. The city's ministries are each headed by one of the viziers that sits on the Council of Eights and the viziers are directly reponsible for the state of their ministries and report to the Sultan regularly. The Ministry of Black Songs is the largest bureau in the city and oversees the training of ghosts in the use of Arcanoi and warfare. Wings of troops await their marching orders and drill constantly, making them one of the most precise forces in the Underworld. Its troops include heavy armored cavalry and jade effigy shock troops, along with a host of moliated spirits that can easily tear through most opponents. Opposing forces are typical unprepared for the ferocity and skill with which these soldiers fight and even the First and Forsaken Lion is wary of sending his forces against the Sultan's meager armies again. While the other Deathlord could probably crush the Sultan's armies by sheer force of numbers, the effort would be too costly, so the two Deathlords sneer at each other from across vast differences, typically engaging in their separate pursuits.

There are a number of Underworld Manses within the city that provide ample Essence and Hearthstones that are often used either by the Sultan's servants, or to power some of his more impressive artifacts. The Sultan has even managed to conquer and transport to his city a First Age Factory Cathedral. While the structure is still in a state of disrepair, he has knowledgeable First Age ghosts working around the clock to restore the Factory Cathedral to full functionality whereupon he will begin producing vast amounts of jade and soulsteel artifacts to equip his troops with. The Sultan also plans to build himself a Thousand-Corpse War Frame or a Soulsteel Warstrider so that if the need arises, he can engage the First and Forsaken Lion if necessary and do battle against the Insidious Ebon Xoanon.

Of the D'Hennish nomads that raid the southern sands, few venture too close to Phantom Alcazar for they both fear and respect the power of the Sultan in a way that they don't fear the Chiaroscurans. Never has the D'Hennish champion dared approach the gates of Phantom Alcazar and demand tribute. Those few D'Hennish nomads that the Sultan has managed to capture have been forged into soulsteel and their moaning whimpers echo throughout the chambers of his armory.

The Sultan's Panoply

The Sultan is able to command the services of some of the most skilled moliators outside of the Labyrinth as well as the services of spirits skilled in at creating pandemonium in perhaps one of the greatest concentrations in the Underworld. Other Deathlords marvel at how the Sultan at the Gate has managed to acquire so many powerful ghosts under his banner. As such, his army may be smaller than that of other Deathlords, but it is feared nonetheless. When going to war, the Sultan makes good use of the necrotech available to him and will supplement his forces with Spine Chains, creatures modeled after the Yoroi Ogre, Battle Snakes and other ghastly creations.

Personally, the Sultan at the Gate possesses two major artifacts that he keeps with him at all times. The first are his Saffron Robes, which grant him the defenses of soulsteel Superheavy Plate, but with Mobility and Fatigue penalties of -0. He also carries The Rod of Retribution close at hand at all times. Template:Artifacts:The Rod of Retribution

The Sultan's Tactics

The Sultan at the Gate's Monstrous Battle Form

The Sultan at the Gate prefers to avoid physical combat if at all possible, preferring cold, rational bargaining to martial prowess. However, if the fight is upon him, he is a deadly master of several powerful martial arts including Solar Hero and Violet Bier of Sorrows Style. If he finds himself outmatched, he is also able to slip into a monstrous four-armed demonic form that is incredibly agile and tough. In this form, he proves to be more than a match for his foes in single combat. He is also typically accompanied by several cloaked spirits that serve as a small bodyguard and wield powerful Terror Spreading Arcanoi as well as other useful and dangerous powers.

The Sultan has extraordinary mental prowess and is able to perfectly defend against mental attacks (save those made by a Neverborn) at a cost of four motes for the scene and has an improved version of the Arcanos Puppeteer's Masterful Hand that allows him to possess any mortal's body as a Speed 3 miscellaneous action and twist it into whatever physical form best reflects his own traits. The Sultan possesses a significant number of melee-based Combos with high Essence Charms and has a custom Charm that allows him to inflict crippling wounds on multiple opponents while shrugging off the heaviest of blows for two motes per attack and one Willpower for the multiple action, or three motes to perfectly soak any damage inflicted upon him.

The Sultan is also a powerful sorcerer and necromancer, knowing spells up through the Celestial Circle of Sorcery and the Void Circle of Necromancy. He has no qualms about using any spells that he knows to give himself an edge in combat or outside of it, nor is he unwilling to use his power to enhance his servants and allies. Finally, the Sultan knows a number of custom Arcanoi, detailed below.

Servants of the Sultan

As twisted as it may seem, the Sultan values honor among his servants as well as his foes and will severely punish anyone whom he feels acts in a dishonorable manner. He will often go to great lengths to mete out these punishments, even forming elaborate rituals of punishment and pain to get his point across, although he rarely goes so far as to destroy those who act in a dishonorable manner unless they are persistent in their behaviors. He feels that the bulk of Creation has fallen into ignominy and vice and plans to cleanse Creation of its sins, purifying it with funeral pyres dedicated to the purity and glory of the Neverborn. The ultimate fate of Creation, however, is in the hands of such titanic beings. After all, it was they who created the world everyone lives in. For the sins against the Neverborn, the Exalted and the gods must be called to account, and the Sultan and his minions will be the instruments of righteous and divine retribution.

The Sultan uses his Abyssals in the most practical manner he can find for them, even if the tasks he gives them are not necessarily suited to their castes. He can, upon occasion, frustrate his servants by reassigning them to different missions in mid-stream to best take advantage of their strongest abilities. So far, his judgment has not been wrong in accomplishing the tasks set before him, which is probably why he has been able to fend off the advances of the First and Forsaken Lion for as long as he has.

One of his favorite Abyssals, a Moonshadow Caste Abyssal called Bleeding Dragon of Peace and Serenity is his most effective diplomat, carrying his words to the gates of his allies and enemies alike with the full weight and authority of the Deathlord behind them. She is also his most effective recruiter when it comes to gathering powerful elder ghosts under his banner. When not actively serving her Deathlord master, Bleeding Dragon of Peace and Serenity is left to her own devices and not closely monitored. This has given her the opportunity to search the Underworld for ghosts who knew her in past lives and attempt to trace herself back to the First Age. She believes that if she can know who she was in the First Age, she can better understand her purpose in serving the Sultan and the Neverborn… Or decide to fight against them.

The general of his armies, however, is a First Age Lunar ghost known as Red Sins, the Winged Princess. She has been his most valuable ally for centuries and some whisper that the two are lovers. While this may be true, no one really knows for certain, but they do know that the two spirits have an incredibly strong bond between them. Red Sins has managed to deflect invading armies of the Underworld and even a Fair Folk incursion into the territory of the Sultan in Creation. Like her master, she holds no love for the Fair Folk and wishes to see them either stay out of their affairs or ground under the heel of her boots. However, her hatred is reserved solely for the Dragon-Blooded, who were directly responsible for her untimely demise in the First Age during the Usurpation. Her troops have witnessed her peeling the skin off of Terrestrials and spitting them, leaving them as food for Hungry Ghosts while she sits back and enjoys a meal, watching them writhe in agony, drinking chalices filled with their collected blood. She uses the healing magics at her disposal, which includes those of her ghostly servants, to keep the Dragon-Blooded alive as long as possible so that she may drink in their exquisite torment. As such, her subordinates are careful not to upset her, and they steer clear of her when she engages in her little hobby, which she does as often as possible.

Some other servants of the Sultan at the Gate include:

Ikalgoth, the Lord of Malevolence, hekatonkhire.
The Whispering Colossus, hekatonkhire.
The Screaming Cultist, Dusk Caste Abyssal.
The Grey Messenger, Nemissary.
Jade Effigy Scale
Phantom Alcazar Shock Troopers: Red Sins' Effigy Scale
Commanding Officer: Red Sins
Armor Color: Black Labyrinth stone uniforms. Overall Quality: Elite
Motto: "Fire at the End of the World, command us!" General Makeup: 50 Jade Effigies
Magnitude: 2 Drill: 5
Close Combat Attack: 3 Close Combat Damage: 5
Ranged Attack: 0 Ranged Damage: 0
Endurance: N/A Might: 4
Armor: 4 Morale: Perfect
Special Characters
Hero(es): None.
Sorcerer(s): None.
Relay(s): None.
Formation: Usually relaxed or closed.
Equipment: Stone swords.
General Description: A few jade effigies charging across the desert sands, swords held at the ready as the unstoppable juggernauts bear down upon their foes make for excellent shock troopers. They are able to take on all but the heaviest of siege weaponry, and groups of the jade warriors have even been known to take down warstriders. These fearsome warriors know no fear and need no relays, listening to and understanding their commander's needs as if they were their own. This particular unit is lead by the First Age Lunar ghost known as Red Sins who commands them with brutal efficiency (this template does not include her statistics). Other units are often commanded by ancient and powerful spirits, nephwracks or even Abyssal Exalts. On their own, the jade effigies are capable of making skillful and coordinated attacks, but with the right leadership, few can stand in their way, and they are even occasionally used to destroy walls or other siege structures.

Relations with other Deathlords

The First and Forsaken Lion
The Sultan at the Gate's chief rival for power is the First and Forsaken Lion, whose Underworld holdings are closest to the Sultan. They occasionally have skirmishes along their borders as the First and Forsaken Lion tests the Sultan for weaknesses. The Sultan eagerly obliges Oblivion's General and will send forces of powerful ghosts and Underworld servants to eradicate the nuisances. The Lion's forays into the Sultan's territory are becoming less frequent of late, presumably due to the Deathlord's interests in other matters. The Sultan at the Gate is content to leave his rival alone and focus on Chiaroscuro instead.

Eye and Seven Despairs

Both the Sultan and Eye and Seven Despairs would love to pull Chiaroscuro down into the Underworld and take control, but the Sultan is much closer to his goals as Eye and Seven Despairs is often too busy enacting his revenge upon his servants and spends little time paying attention to more important matters. The Sultan at the Gate is scornful of his peer and is attempting to capitalize on the opportunity to strike against the mighty city before the other Deathlord focuses on the prize. If he is successful, the Sultan will have a much better platform from which to launch assaults against his rival and conquer him. While the Sultan would love to see the destruction of Eye and Seven Despairs, he is mindful that he would face the wrath of the other Deathlord's Neverborn master should he slay the ghostly dilettante before appeasing the Neverborn. However, should the Sultan move without the approval of Eye and Seven Despairs' dread master, Abhorrence of Life, he knows that his own existence would be significantly shorter.

Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers

The Sultan at the Gate has limited contact with the Black Heron, but he knows that she is scheming to escape the yoke of servitude to the First and Forsaken Lion. Knowing that if she is free of the Lion, his arch-rival will be distracted and disoriented as the armored Deathlord deals with the fallout from the Princess' departure, this will provide a perfect opportunity to strike back at the Lion and possibly even weaken or subvert the Legion Sanguinary, strengthening his own position. As such, the Sultan has been offering the Black Heron small favors to assist her to that end. He is also giving her assistance in hiding her servant Son of Crows from the Lion, ordering his ghostly minions to protect the young Exalt. The Sultan is hopeful that with his aid, the Princess will rise up from under the Lion's cloak and weaken or destroy his rival outright, given time, and might even be willing to return favors, although that is a secondary concern. However, should the Princess regain her mantle of authority and her independence, her next target could be the Walker in Darkness. If the Black Psychopomp should suspect the Sultan of assisting the Black Heron in any way, the Sultan might find himself faced with another powerful rival.

Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils

The Sultan at the Gate had some minor dealings with the Dowager in the past and neither Deathlord likes the other very much, although they hold a grudging respect for each other. The Untamed Kethet of the Swarm is his better in Necromancy, but she has come to respect his deeper knowledge of Arcanoi and how the spirits of the Underworld acquire power. The distance between the two Deathlords makes their rivalry almost nonexistent, and they have exchanged guarded envoys from time to time to exchange favors. However, when they meet in Stygia, rare as it is, it is obvious to observers that neither Deathlord trusts the other very much and they avoid both dealing with each other and being in each other's presence whenever possible.

The Others

The Sultan at the Gate has limited dealings with the other Deathlords. He finds the Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible's religious dogma intriguing, but inefficient and finds the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears' methods disgusting. He has little to do with the Mask of Winters or his rival, the Walker in Darkness, preferring to keep his distance from both and their petty rivalry. The only other Deathlord he maintains positive relations with is the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water, but since they are both at opposite ends of the Underworld, their contact is extremely limited. They do, however, render each other as much assistance as is reasonably possible (which isn't much), and that concerns the rivals of both Deathlords and should greatly concern the denizens of Creation. Lastly, the Sultan knows of The Green Lady and refuses her entry to his courts, finding her to be one of the most dishonorable creatures in the Underworld. He feels that his fellow Deathlords get what they deserve in dealing with the Sidereal Exalt, including his ally, the Silver Prince.

Character Sheet

Motivation To burn all of Creation to ash and cinders.
Strength ●●●●● ●●●○○ Charisma ●●●●● ●●○○○ Perception ●●●●● ●●●○○
Dexterity ●●●●● ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●●●● ●●○○○ Intelligence ●●●●● ●●●●●
Stamina ●●●●● ●●○○○ Appearance ●●●●○ Wits ●●●●● ●●●●●
Archery ●●●●● ●●○○○ Integrity ●●●●● ●●○○○ Craft ○○○○○ Athletics ●●●○○ Bureaucracy ●●●●● ●●●○○
Martial Arts ●●●●● ●●○○○ Performance ●●●●● ●●●●○ Investigation ●●●●● Awareness ●●●●● ●●○○○ Linguistics ●●●●● ●●●○○
Melee ●●●●● ●●●●○ Presence ●●●●● ●●●●○ Lore ●●●●● ●●●○○ Dodge ●●●●● ●●●○○ Ride ●●●●● ●●●○○
Thrown ●●●●● Resistance ●●●●● ●○○○○ Medicine ●●●●● Larceny ●●○○○ Sail ●○○○○
War ●●●●● ●●○○○ Survival ●●●●● ●●●○○ Occult ●●●●● ●●○○○ Stealth ●●●●● ●○○○○ Socialize ●●●●● ●●●●○
Specialties Languages Dialect
Craft Air ●●○○○ Old Realm
Craft Fire ●●○○○ Clawspeak
Craft Water ●○○○○ Flametongue
Craft Genesis ●●●●● Low Realm
Craft Jadecrafting ●●●●○ High Realm
Craft Magitech ●●●●● ●●●○○ Guild Cant
Craft Moliation ●●●●● ●○○○○ Pelagial
Craft Necrosurgery ●●●●○ Riverspeak
Craft Pandemonium ●●●●● ●●○○○ Skytongue
Craft Soulforging ●●●●● ●●○○○
Melee Staff ●●●○○
War Strategy ●●○○○
Presence Persuasion ●●●○○
Occult Supernatural Etiquette ●●●○○
Socialize Discern Motivation ●●●○○
Spirit and Body
Essence ●●●●● ●●●●●
Personal Pool 81 Compassion ●○○○○ Conviction ●●●●●
Peripheral Pool 205/0 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Willpower ●●●●● ●●●●● Temperance ●●●●● Valor ●●●●○
Willpower Used □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Health and Soak
Movement Unarmored Armored
Move 8 yds. 8 yds.
Dash 14 yds. 14 yds.
Jump Type Unarmored Armored
Vertical 11 yds. 11 yds.
Horizontal 22 yds. 22 yds
Natural 0 B 0 L 0 A
Armor 0 B 0 L 0 A
Total 0 B 0 L 0 A
Pierced 0 B 0 L 0 A
Hardness 0 B 0 L 0 A
Health Levels
-0 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
-1 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
-2 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
-4 □ □ □ □ □
Incap □, then Dematerialized, not killed.
Name Cost Type Speed/Step Duration Summary Page Number Obvious
Deathlord Arcanoi
Command the Dead See The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals. 50
Eyes of Oblivion See The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals. 50
Feed on the Dead See The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals. 50
Mutable Form See The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals. 50
Unkillable See The Ghosts & Demons. 128
All Solar and Abyssal Charms for which he possesses the prerequisites.
Martial Arts
All Charms of the Night Breeze Style, White Veil Style, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style, Solar Hero Style and Violet Bier of Sorrows Style.
Shadowlands Circle, Labyrinth Circle: All spells given in The Black Treatise, and more as the Storyteller desires.
Void Circle: Abyssal Aegis, The Barless Gate, Birth of Sanity's Sorrow, Blood from the Slaughter, Empty Night Future, Forsaken Life Engine, Grandmother Void, Obsidian Countermagic, Pyre-Flame Guardian, Sins of the Father, Summon Hekatonkhire; others as the Storyteller desires.
Terrestrial Circle, Celestial Circle: All spells from Exalted and The White Treatise.
Special Charms
Coming Soon.
Charm Combos
Name Cost Type Duration Included Charms
Background Rating Description
Allies ○○○○○
Artifact ○○○○○
Backing ○○○○○
Attack Values
Base Values Attacks
Join Battle 17 (possibly doubled by Violet Bier of Sorrows Style.)
Dodge DV (Unarmored) 13
Dodge DV (Armored) 13
Mobility Penalty -0
Fatigue 0
Join War 17
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Attune Tags
Punch 5 16 8B 10 0 N, M
Kick 5 15 11B 6 0 N, M
Clinch 6 15 8B 0 N, M
Social Combat
Base Values Attacks
Join Debate 0
Dodge MDV 0
Weapon Speed Honesty Honesty MDV Deception Deception MDV Rate
Presence 4 0 0 0 0 2
Performance 6 0 0 0 0 1
Investigation 5 0 0 0 0 2
Equipment & Holdings
Item Value Description
Earned: 0 Spent: 0 Banked: 0

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