Tattered Queen Veiled In Dreams

The Tattered Queen Veiled In Dreams

by FrivYeti

The Tattered Queen walks proudly, easily, and without ostentatious garb. Instead, she wears a robe that at first glance seems simple grey silk - it is only on closer inspection that onlookers realize that the Queen is actually robed in dozens of individual silk wrappings, each nearly transparant and thin. The wrappings shift and flow across her body as she walks, covering it in complex mandalas and the impression of symbols, none of which ever quite come into focus. Her wrappings cover even her head, although her expressions are just barely visible beneath them; typically, she wears a faint smile, although it can turn to mild annoyance if she is truly upset. She rarely displays extreme emotions, considering them gauche.

During the First Age, the Tattered Queen was known as Rainbow Shirri, a biogeneticist and master artist of the Twilight Caste who dabbled in military science when she saw fit. Shirri's greatest achievement was the Blue Glass Mountain, a mountain city spun entirely from nearly-indestructible glass created at incredible expense. When the Usurpation struck, Shirri overcame her attackers just long enough to pilot the Titan that she commanded directly into the mountain, consuming both in a fiery explosion that she herself did not survive, and transforming her command station into a tomb. She did this out of rage and spite, and a desire not to have her greatest gift survive her death.

Trapped in the heart of the fallen citadel, the Tattered Queen was approached by the Neverborn, who helped her shape a new opinion on life and afterlife. Now a loyal (or at least mostly loyal) servant of Oblivion, the Tattered Queen sculpted the ghosts of her betrayers into servants, tore the buried mountain from its dead floor, and began her slow, stately march to power.

Schemes and Methods

The Tattered Queen believes that all things are ephemeral, and that all things should be beautiful. She despises the conventional, although it occasional amuses her to feign it, and seeks out the outrageous and the strange. Her schemes must always be something unexpected and unique - merely poisoning a city's water would never do, although she might trick someone into placing 'medicine' in the water, then lead him to throw the city into chaos setting others up for his crimes.

Ultimately, the Tattered Queen believes that a work of art is only as powerful as it is transitory. The emotions and thoughts that art provokes fade with familiarity, and thus familiarity should never been encouraged. She has been known to change her entire personality on a whim, simply in order to confuse or bemuse her servants, and what she cares for one day she may destroy on another. She seeks the death of Creation and the Neverborn because both are something she cannot abide - permanent. Some of her fellow Deathlords suspect that she intends for a new world to replace the one that is lost, but if she truly holds to that anathema, she will not admit to it.

The Lonely Mountain

The Tattered Queen's home is the Lonely Mountain, the buried grave-goods remains of one of Creation's Directional Titans. Compared to the Titan that it once was, the mountain is not impressive, but compared to the weapons of Creation, it is a mighty thing indeed. Over a mile high, it towers over whatever desert landscape it currently inhabits, a rocky gray expanse studden with sharp obsidian lines, and covered in frozen flows of dark black glass that seems to absorb the light. Instead, the Mountain is filled with decaying splendour, ostentatious murals that have been long-since defaced or reduced partially to rubble, and destroyed ghosts whose soulstuff has been shaped into sculpture or portraits until the Queen might have need of it.

The Mountain does not possess the power of the Titan it reflects, but it still has a few abilities. It can create a faint Essence shield, coating itself in dark energy that repels attacks. It can repair itself when it is damaged. And most importantly, it can fly. It can only lift itself a few dozen feet off the ground, and it moves at a mere five miles per hour in flight, but this is enough for the Queen's fortress to travel where she wills it. It cannot enter Creation, however, for if touched by sunlight it would dissolve in a matter of minutes - besides which, the Queen would be hard-pressed to find a shadowland that could encompass the entire mountain.

Character Sheet

(Note: The following sheet assumes my Power Ceiling Exalted revisions. As a full-power Deathlord, the Queen would have significantly more Charms, and probably more Ability dots.)

Motivation: Find The Most Elegant Way To End Creation, Former Caste: Twilight

Strength 6, Dexterity 7, Stamina 7
Charisma 8, Manipulation 7, Appearance 7
Perception 8, Intelligence 9, Wits 8

Caste and Favored:Awareness 8, Crafts (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Genesis) 9, Investigation 8, Linguistics 8, Medicine 9, Thrown 8, Lore 8, Occult 9, Performance 9, Socialize 8
Other: Archery 3, Athletics 5, Bureaucracy 6, Dodge 8, Integrity 6, Larceny 4, Martial Arts 5, Presence 6, Resistance 5, Ride 6, Sail 3, Stealth 3, Survival 4, War 7

Backgrounds: Ratings of 5+ in virtually every Background she can think of. The Tattered Queen is a ruler of the dead, and possesses everything that would result from this.

Compassion 2, Conviction 5, Temperance 2, Valor 4
Willpower: 9
Health: OK x22 (The Queen ignores all wound penalties)
Essence: 9
Essence pool: 58 Personal, 124 Peripheral

Charms: The Tattered Queen knows most Arcanoi, and every Abyssal Charm of Essence 3 that she meets the prerequisites for, as well as all Caste and Favored Charms of Essence 4. She is a sorcerer of the Celestial Circle and a necromancer of the Void Circle, and knows dozens of spells. Her Panoply Charms are all Abyssal, and are as follows:

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