Whispering Crusader Veiled In Shadow And Vengeance

The Whispering Crusader Veiled in Shadow and Vengeance

The Veiled King of Wrath

When the usurpation came many Solars perished at the hands of the Terrestrial exalted. There high souls fell to the Underworld but, only thirteen came when called by the Neverborn and created into the Deathlords, though the Deathlords have different motivations and methods for bringing creation into oblivion. Only one of the Deathlords obsessively wants revenge on the Dragon-blooded for the usurpation.

The Whispering Crusader Veiled in Shadow and Vengeance only cares for one thing and one thing only. The complete and total genocide of the Dragon-blooded, not only the realm’s dynasts are his targets but, also outcastes do not escape his wrath,

The Whispering Crusader Veiled in Shadow and Vengeance appears as a 7 and a half foot tall man with black silk strips wrapped around his body and limbs. The only exceptions are his hands of bone and his urine colored eyes. He wears full Soulsteel armor and a helmet decorated in Onyx and bone. He welds grand grimcleaver named Judge of Betrayals. When on creation he likes to take the form of a man in his early thirties with ash grey skin with a bald head and flesh that is scarred from head to toe.

His first plan involved infiltrating the blessed isle by spreading his own sect of ancestor cults to the disenfranchised of the realm in order to create a shadowland on the isle itself. The plan failed to create a shadowland because of a dragon blooded commander. He has now altered his plan by exploiting the currant political situation caused by the disappearance of the empress; He is currently using his deathknights to provoke the isle into civil war. By taking advantage of the fighting that the bloodshed will create. Many shadowlands that will connect to the isle of Stygia and on that glorious day his army will invade and the genocide of the 10,000 dragons will be at hand.

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