Zinridi, the Unfettered (3rd Soul of Adjoran)
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By Raemus

There are those that move within the Demon City, but none compare to Zinridi, the Unfettered. She appears as either, a 6 Winged goddess clothed in clouds (if anything) holding a ewer of bloodwine in one hand and long stemmed pipe in the other or a Feathered Dragon of brilliant changing colors streaking through the sky/ground/buildings/other.

Zinridi often leads festivals that honor her very presence as well as random whims. She rarely stops her revelries for long but when she does it is to investigate some possible manor of escape from the Demon City. For this is Zinridi’s purpose, to fulfill Adjoran’s desire for some kind of escape or freedom from the imprisonment of the Gods, either by true escape or false indulgence. For this reason she streaks across the skies of the Demon City, between layers, constantly searching for any form of escape, both real and false.

Powers: In her Feathered Dragon form, Zinridi is not bound anything other than the gods: She is not bound by size and she may alter it at will; she is not bound by speed and may move as fast or slow as desired; She is not bound by walls (physical nor mystical) and may fly through solid matter & wards with impunity.

In her Goddess form she is. In this form she may remove the bindings of others, physical ones are simple, but she may also unbind souls, minds and desires.
Additionally she throws one a hell of a party.

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