Tsé Nináhálé - The Corpse of the Rock Eagle that Feasts on Man
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By Hapless With Dice

The great eagle formed with stone feathers, and bones hewn from stone is an infernal monster that has been plaguing the Southwest deserts. Born of the ancient Titan’s rage at humanity and their role in the great uprising Tse Ninahale’s talons are large enough to carry off the largest of men with ease, and the tender flesh of humanity is her favorite meal. Her beak is hard as brass, and her screams harold the end of all in her path.

This reanimated Behemoth is stone grey in color and makes her nest upon high mesas and singular peaks. She reproduced by separately eating the sexual organs of humans, or by forcing spirits to mate with her. There is nothing she loved more than feeding her young on human flesh, even more when that human is their parent.

She was slain by an ancient set of hero twins back in the great uprising, perhaps a twin set that both became solars. The true identity of the champions have been obscured through the ages and their names now are only known as Monster Slayer and Born of Water. These two champions brought down the beast with cleverness and powerful weapons.Many ages later agents of the dead titans have revived this beast, refit it’s body, and fortified it. Once more does it’s cry go out over the land and people shiver infear and dread of it’s coming, for often it is the harbinger and aerial ally of a Death Knight who has proven herself worthy of the Eagle’s respect.

Essence: 4; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 12 dice
Personal Motes: 40
Health Levels: -0x6/-1x10/-2x10/-4x6/Incap.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 26 dice (may attempt Strength 20 feats); Senses: 12, 16 for sight dice
Appearance 3 (Hideous), Resolve 5, Guile 3

Attack (Brass Talons): 16 dice (Damage 22, minimum 5)
Attack (Beak) 12 Dice (Damage 26, Minimum 5)
Combat Movement: 15 dice
Evasion 6, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 10/10


Stone body: Hardness is always equal to soak.

Flight: This target can fly and often does but will attack with it’s talons from the air.

Ancient Terror: Those that look upon this behemoth are filled with dread and dispair creating a major tie of fear in them toward this beast.

Offensive Charms

Death Scream of the rock Eagle (4m, 2i, Simple): Tsé Nináhálé takes a deep breath and lets loose ascream that can splinter rocks and shatter stone. This attack is unblockable, with a 12 die attack pool and does current initiative in damage. This attack resets the eagle to base +1 initiative.

Defensive Charms

Visage of Primal Terror (6m, reflexive): Those who look upon the Rock Eagle are filled with terror and dread so horrifying that all that they can do is defend themselves from it. Mortals must pay 3 willpower to attack it, the exalted must pay 2. Those who have an intimacy that represents courage,or a powerful reason to fight this monster may burn that intimacy to reduce this cost by one, but weakening the intimacy by 1 step in the process, minor intimacies fall off.

Resilient Stone Body (5m, Reflexive, Duration Instant):

Miscellaneous Charms

Form Egg (5m, 5 human bodies, Simple): After consuming 5 human bodies Tse Ninahale forms an undead eaglet in an egg for her to pretend to raise, the eaglet has stats presented below and emerges in an egg that will hatch in 1 week if laid out of combat or 2 rounds in combat. The Egg is treated as a stone inanimate object that can be destroyed with a feat of destruction with strength 5+ difficulty 7.

Notes: An illustration can be found in this PDF.

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