Ulketna - The Sun Slayer Serpent, Prison Behemoth Made to Trap the Sun
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By Hapless With Dice

Ulketna the Sun Slayer Serpent was made for the singular purpose of devouring the sun. The titans made the sun unconquerable but just because one cannot be conquered does not mean they cannot be defeated if but only for a time. With deadly fangs and great power it was formed to smash the great battleship the king of the gods used to patrol the world, and with it’s might they would imprison the benefactor of their kin’s killers.

Sadly the Serpent would not see it’s maker’s ambitions succeed, by the timethe serpent was poised to take the sun god in it’s jaws and crack his war ship in twain he was caught by the Exalted who did not know how to defeat him so Ulketna was banished deep into waters of a great underground lake, dreaming of the day it will awaken and rip it’s way back up to the surface and have its vengeance. If it can be but awakened from it’s slumber it will ravage the world and feast upon the exalted becoming a prison for the fires of exaltation holding them within its belly. It is said thatthere are Cults searching for the secret to awakening the Sun Slaying Serpent, and it is also rumored they are getting close

Essence: ; Willpower: ; Join Battle: dice
Personal Motes: ; Peripheral Motes:
Health Levels: -0x/-1x/-2x/-4x/Incap.

Sample Intimacies:

  • Defining Principle:
  • Major Tie:
  • Minor Principle:
  • Minor Tie:

Speed Bonus:
Actions: Feats of Strength: dice; Read Intentions: dice; Senses: dice; Threaten: dice
Appearance , Resolve , Guile

Attack (): dice (Damage , minimum)
Combat Movement: dice
Evasion , Parry
Soak/Hardness: 8/0 ()

Special Attacks

Attack Name:


Merit Name:


Offensive Charms

Charm Name ():

Defensive Charms

Charm Name ():

Mobility Charms

Charm Name ():

Social Charms

Charm Name ():

Miscellaneous Charms

Charm Name ():


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