Calibration in the Dragonswrath Plains
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This text from Compass of Celestial Directions: The Blessed Isle was cut for space reasons. It was originally posted in the White Wolf Forums by Author Joseph Carriker.

The legends about Mhaltin and Dhorash claim that the two mighty dragons of the mountains become most powerful at Calibration, when the limitations of all things in Creation are all but broken. They believe that the dragons spit out the ghosts and elementals that dwell in the dark beneath the mountain and rise up to destroy one another. Unfortunately, they are so mighty, it would take more than five days for either to slay the other, and when Calibration ends, they must return to their place in the roots of the mountains that bear their names.

Because local custom teaches that there is a pretty good chance of everything being destroyed by their great battle during Calibration, the people of the Dragonswrath Plains react in the only way one can: they dance, drink and have sex with complete abandon. Most of the people dress up in outlandish costumes made up mainly of colored cloth and body paint, with shiny trinkets and elaborate masks.

During Calibration, every settlement in the Dragonswrath Plains and Sweet Radiance turns into a debauched town-wide party at night. Little work gets done, because the days are spent recovering from hang-overs and trying to ascertain the identity of those who found their way into one's bed, or in whose bed one awoke. Those who complain of the lack of work getting done are reminded that the dragons could very well come raging their way over the next hill there, and turn the entire place into a smoking ruin, so why would they waste their few, final moments worrying about nonsense like that?

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