Sorsha Silverblade, Chosen of Marque
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By White Shadows

Background: More Exigents were created during the Wyld Crusade than in any other event. With the other Exalted gone or ravaged by the Great Contagion, terrified gods were left defenceless against the rampaging hordes of Fae. Desperate, their prayers reached up to Unconquered Sun, and they were granted the power to Exalt new champions to replace absent heroes. These Chosen were known as the Wyld-Blooming Flowers – they fought bravely against the fae, though many fell in battle and most were forgotten during the age that followed. However, a few left a lasting mark on Creation.
One was the Exigent exalted by Pai Yi, the Sail Maiden, overseer of the Five Celestial Admirals. She shaped the Exigency she was granted into a celestial letter of marque, and gave it to Karash Zoh, a daring and skilled pirate of the Western Ocean, who had led his fleet into battle against the goblin-ships of the Thousand Raindrop Armada. Both Pai Yi and Karash Zoh fell during the battle, but by some quirk of essence, the exaltation the Sail Maiden created lived on, reincarnating down the ages. Each time, it has gone to the greatest pirate of the time – not necessarily the richest, but the most daring and skilled, who is given a licence to hunt down the enemies of Heaven. Thus, its bearer has become known as the Chosen of Marque – or the Pirate King. Over the years, the Chosen of Marque has mostly appeared in the West, but has occasionally Exalted amongst the reavers of the Dreaming Sea, river pirates, or stranger buccaneers such as the sky-pirates of the North or sand-pirates of the Southern deserts.
Sorsha Silverblade disguised herself as a boy to run away to sea, trusting her red hair to keep her safe from the wrath of the Storm Mothers. By the time her deception was discovered, she had already risen to the rank of captain in her homeland’s navy and earned a reputation as a skilled and ruthless naval commander. Nevertheless, her admiral demanded she step down and be put on trial for her deception. Furious, Sorsha and her loyal crew turned on their naval masters, embarking on a campaign of raiding that culminated in the sacking of a Realm tribute fleet – and Sorsha’s Exaltation as Chosen of Marque. Since then, she has voyaged widely, striking rich targets across the oceans of Creation. However, her Exaltation urges her to turn her skills at plunder on Creations enemies, and she looks with avaricious eyes at the wonders of the Fae Courts and the necromantic treasures of the Deathlords.
Description: Sorsha is a short woman, but her personal presence is such that most people barely notice this. Her body is lean and wiry with muscle, and she speaks as one who is used to being obeyed. She has blue eyes and red hair.
When the Chosen of Mark reaches the ‘Glowing’ level of Anima, silvering text begins to glow on her skin, spelling out the rights and duties of her letter of marque. At higher levels, she is surrounded by crashing waves of blue and silver. Her Iconic Anima is a great ship cutting through the waves of her anima banner.
Personality: Sorsha is arrogant and ruthless in her raiding, but she has a sentimental streak. She is devotedly loyal to her ship and crew, and will often take great risks to protect the weak and helpless.

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3, Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Perception 3.

Abilities: Archery 4 (Flame Weapons), Athletics 4 (Climbing), Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Bureaucracy 2, Craft (Shipwright) 4, Dodge 4, Integrity 3, Investigation 2, Larceny 5, Linguistics 2, Lore 2, Martial Arts 0, Medicine 2, Melee 5 (Cutlasses), Occult 3 (Mysteries of the Sea), Performance 4, Presence 5, Resistance 3, Ride 0, Sail 5, Socialise 2, Stealth 3, Survival 2 (Navigation), Thrown 2, War 4 (Naval).

Merits: Allies 1 x3 (Other pirate captains), Boundless Endurance, Contacts 3 (Regional ports), Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Familiar 1 (Monkey), Followers 2 (Her Crew), Languages (Native: Sea Tongue; Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm, Flametongue, Skytongue, Guild Cant), Resources 3 (Buried Treasure Caches)

Willpower: /7

Defining: Principle: “Freedom is the most important thing in the world.”, Tie: Her Crew (Loyalty), Tie: Her Ship (Love)
Major: Tie: Plunder (Greed), Principle: “Mercy is a luxury.”, Principle: “Picking on the weak is the action of a bully, not a pirate.”
Minor: Tie: National Naval Sailors (Contempt)

Essence: 3
Personal Motes: 17
Peripheral Motes: 32

Anima Powers
• Celestial Marque: The Chosen of Marque is licenced to hunt the enemies of the gods, and they, in turn, are bound to support that endeavour. The Exigent may demand any Spirit Court assist her by providing supplies, ship repair and medical attention, and they must comply. Furthermore, she cannot be officially sanctioned by Heaven for any crimes committed against any being with an Essence of less than 10.
• Sailing Strange Seas: The Chosen of Marque was made to sail against Creation’s enemies, no matter where that voyage may take them. The Exigent may spend 6m to activate this power for a scene, or activate it for free while her anima is at the Bonfire/Iconic level, which make herself, her ship, her crew and her passengers immune to any hazardous environment that she is currently sailing through, be it the acid tides of Kiberry or the warping of the Wyld. In addition, while this power is active her ship gains her Essence in additional -0 Hull levels, and she may Reflexively spend 5 motes to block any effect that would destroy or cripple it.
• Plunder Is Life: Whenever the Chosen of Marque takes a significant amount of wealth from another character, her life span increases by a number of months equal to the total Resources value of what was stolen. Each Artefact taken adds an additional number of months equal to its rating. If the robbery was committed against an enemy of Heaven, such as a fae, ghost-ship or Lintha force, this award is doubled. Her aging slows proportionately. If a Chosen of Marque has lived for more than a century, then crimes against normal mortals no-longer provide this bonus, and only those against enemies of Heaven apply.

Sorsha can use Excellencies to enhance any action with the following Abilities: Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Craft (Shipwright), Dodge, Integrity, Larceny, Melee, Occult, Presence, Resistance, Sail, Survival, War. Her Charm Dice Limit is (Ability) dice, or (Ability + Essence + her ship’s Manoeuvrability) if she is on-board a ship that she commands, or a ship or port under attack by a ship she commands.

Offensive Charms:
• Keel-Shattering Ram (5m, Supplemental, Decisive-only): Whether swinging a sword or manoeuvring a ship to ram, the Exigent moves with enough force to shatter wood and bone. This Charm adds (Essence) dice to the damage of a Decisive attack, or to a Ram Manoeuvre. In addition, she does not take damage when using this to supplement a Ram Manoeuvre on a ship without a ram.
• Seize the Day Method (4m, Reflexive, One Turn): Opportunity comes like a stray gust of wind in the sails, and the Chosen of the Sail Maiden seizes it – and if she cannot find an opportunity, she makes one. Activating this Charm grants 10 Initiative in combat, or 10 Momentum in naval combat. However, this only lasts for one turn, after which the Exigent loses 10 Initiative/Momentum – which can take her into negative numbers.
• Sea-Slicing Blade (6m, Supplemental, Uniform): A sweeping bolt of power bursts from the Exigent’s blade or her ship’s ram, cutting into the enemy. This allows her to make a melee attack against a foe at up to Long range, gaining (Essence) extra dice on the attack, or to perform a Ram Manoeuvre against any visible ship, with Essence bonus dice.
• Sail Maiden’s Rebuke (8m, 1wp, Simple, Withering-only): The Exigent speaks an angry word in the voice of the fallen Sail Maiden, cutting the wind from his foes’ sails – metaphorically and literally. This Charm may be targeted against a combat opponent at up to Medium range, or a ship within sight. Against a combat opponent, it is a special Withering attack rolling Charisma + Presence, with Essence automatic successes, defended against with Evasion or Resolve. Each success causes the loss of 2 Initiative, but the lost Initiative is not transferred to the Exigent (though if a foe is Crashed by this attack, the normal award is given). Against a ship, roll the attack with no defence, and subtract 2 Momentum points for each success.
Defensive Charms:
• Flesh and Hull Unity (8m, 1wp, Simple, One Scene): Standing on deck of a ship she commands, the Chosen of Marque concentrates, becoming one with her vessel. For the rest of the scene, her health track and her ship’s Hull track become one, adding their levels together. At the end of the scene, or if she is rendered unconscious, any damage that they have suffered is divided in half, rounding down, and applied to each of them.
• Snap Broadside Method (3m, Reflexive, Withering-only): A quick arrow, or a volley of them, can discourage anyone foolish enough to attack the Pirate Queen. This may be used to Counterattack any attack on the Exigent with an Archery attack, provided the attacker is in range of the Exigent’s weapon. No Aim action is needed. This Charm may also be used to Counterattack a Ram or Broadside action on the Exigent’s ship, allowing the Exigent to make an immediate Broadside action in response, with half the usual Momentum cost.
Social Charms:
• Black Sail Horizon (3m, Supplemental, Instant): The Chosen of Marque may activate this to allow a Threaten action to target anyone who can see part of a ship she is commanding. She need only be aware of the target in a general sense (e.g. ‘the crew of that ship’). With an appropriate Stunt, she may use other social actions.
• Dashing Rogue Attitude (4m, Reflexive, One Scene): The flamboyant grace with which the Exigent commits her acts of pillage and plunder is such that even her victims can’t help but admire this. Activating this Charm prevents any act the Exigent performs from causing others to gain or increase a negative Intimacy towards her, unless that act goes against an Intimacy they possess at equal or greater level.
• Crimson Flag Method (7m, 2a or 3a, Reflexive, Decisive-only, Psyche): This Charm may be activated following a successful Decisive attack. Blood flies up to the Exigent’s anima banner, spreading through it like red ink in clear water, until for a moment in blazes a terrifying crimson before flickering out, resetting to Dim. In that Instant, the Exigent may make a Threaten action or an Instil action to create an Intimacy of fear of her. This is treated as if the target or targets had a Major Intimacy supporting it, and gains Double-9s.
• Shanty of Rousing Splendour (4m, Simple, One Scene): The Exigent raises her voice in a song to rouse her allies. Roll Charisma + Performance. The Exigent, and all allies in hearing range gain a +1 bonus to Resolve per 2 successes on the roll against Threaten actions and supernatural powers that cause fear for the rest of the Scene. If they are already under the effects of a Threaten action or a supernatural power that causes fear, this Charm retroactively contests that effect in a Clash of Wills. A military unit gains the Resolve bonus in dice to any Rout checks.
• Loyal Crew Method (Permanent): To work under the Pirate Queen is an honour and a privilege. Any sailor who spends at least one week serving on a ship commanded by the Exigent gains a Minor Intimacy of Respect or Fear towards her. This increases to a Major Intimacy after the first successful plunder the crewman gets a share in, and Defining after the tenth.
Miscellaneous Charms:
• King of the Sea (Permanent): The Exigent is more at home on the ocean than she ever could be on dry land. This allows her to move at full speed without penalty over any part of a ship, no matter the conditions. In addition, she doubles her Swim speed.
• Obedient Vessel’s Will (4m, Simple, Instant): Every ship recognises the mark of the Sail Maiden, and obeys its queen’s Chosen. Activating this Charm causes ropes to writhe like snakes, and wheels to spin out of control as rudders turn on their own. It allows the Exigent to immediately force the ship to make one action. The ship performs this action as if fully crewed, even if the current crew attempts to resist. The crew lose their next ship action, whether they resist or not. Alternatively, this Charm may be used in a stunt to make an attack against a single target using the ship’s environment. This uses the Exigent’s Wits + Sail to hit and substitutes Wits for Strength, with traits as whichever weapon the storyteller deems appropriate (typically a whip for ropes, or a tetsubo for a swinging mast). Normally, the Exigent may only use this Charm while on a ship she is acknowledged as commander of. However, an Essence 3+ Chosen of Marque can use this on any ship she is on-board, at the additional cost of +4m, 1wp.
• Marked Spot Cache (6m, Supplemental, Instant): The Exigent may activate this charm to augment an action when hiding an object. She marks the hiding place with a symbol that instantly fades, visible only to powers than can see Essence. The hidden item then disappears Elsewhere, and can only be accessed by the Exigent, someone following her directions (either verbally or from a map she has made) or by someone using supernatural powers, who can see the mark she has left.
• Fair Winds Method (2m, 1wp, Reflexive, One Scene): The motions of the deck below the Exigent’s feet harmonise with her movements, flowing into each other. This Charm may be activated at any time when the Exigent is in combat and her ship is in naval combat at the same time. She may transfer points between her own Initiative and her ship’s Momentum on a one to one basis.
• Unerring Navigation Technique (7m, Simple, Instant): The Exigent has the freedom of all the seas in Creation and beyond. She may activate this Charm while above water to instantly know her location. If in Creation, this is in terms of the Elemental Poles, otherwise it locks on to any other relevant landmarks. In addition, when activating this Charm she may instantly plot a course to any other point reachable solely by water travel from her current location, gaining (Essence) automatic successes on the navigation roll.
• Message In a Bottle Method (4m, Simple, Instant): Using this Charm allows the Exigent to place a written or verbal message in a bottle and drop that bottle into water. It will immediately sink and bob up beside the intended recipient next time they are near water. If the message is verbal, it will be heard upon opening the bottle.
• Hold-Scrying Perception (6m, Simple, Instant): The Exigent may activate this Charm when looking at a ship. She immediately knows whatever cargo it is carrying, including any hidden consignments, although not where they are located. If a part of the cargo is hidden with magic, she rolls Perception + Sail + Essence in the resulting Clash of Wills.
• Plundered Relic Technique (4m, 1wp, Reflexive, Instant): The Chosen of Marque takes what she wishes, claiming her booty by right of conquest. She may activate this Charm when stealing (by any means) an artefact from another character. She may immediately pay the cost to attune it. Furthermore, she while she maintains that attunement, she is treated as having the same level of resonance with the artefact as the original owner did

Weapon Acc Dmg Def Ovw Tags Attack Parry
Cutlass +2 +9L +1 2 13/11 6
Flame Piece +0/+4 +9L 1 Flm, Slw 10+Acc

Armour Soak Hard Pnlty Tags Total Soak
Ironwood Breastplate +3 0 -0 Buoyant 6

Evasion: 5
Join Battle: 7
Resolve: 3
Guile: 3
Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated

Notes: The Chosen of Marque is only Resonant with Black Jade artefacts – unless using Plundered Relic Technique.

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