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I am currently not running an Exalted game, and thus my focus is currently on other projects. But the wiki is still open, and once I return to running Exalted I will also put in more effort into this. If you have any new material to contribute, don't hesitate to add it!

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Hi, I'm interested in the third edition of Exalted, I'd like to discuss it, get new knowledge, or exchange opinions about Exalted.
Does the community still exist? The last message was written in 2016. Its not like exalted orbs

A few rather unusual effects in here.

Given the other artifacts around here and many of the example artifacts, this seems like it might qualify for artifact 4.

However, the number of evocations is still well within the limits for artifact 3, and ALL of them require at least two conditions - that you have already hit with an attack, and that the target has chosen not to sever themselves from the tethers. They're also rather costly in terms of action-economy, most of the higher ones requiring a simple action to activate, and it's for these reasons that I tentatively put it at artifact 3.

What do you think?

If anyone is confused as I was, the katalinae, gyorgyike, jazon, and fulope are referenced in official materials only as a throwaway on page 12 of Rolls of Glorious Divinity II, as far as I can tell; I'm sure there are at least a few homebrew versions — Raemus has one for the fulope on this very wiki.

I assume you are talking about a withering attack, yes?

1. Strike Roll: Roll [Dex+(Ability)+(Weapon Accuracy)+(Mods)] vs The Target’s chosen Defense (Parry or Evasion)
a. Parry [Dex+(Brawl, Martial Arts, or Melee)]/2 (round up), +1 w/ specialty.
b. Evasion [Dex+Dodge]/2 (round up) – Mobility Penalty, +1 w/ specialty.
2. Find Raw Damage: [Strength+(Weapon Damage)+(Extra Successes from Step 1)]
3. Find Damage Pool: [Raw Damage-(Target’s Total Soak)], check vs Weapon’s Min Damage. Roll the higher of the 2 dice pools
4. Reduce target’s Initiative by damage rolled & increase your own by the same.
5. If the target has been reduced to 0 or less by this attack, add another 5 to your Initiative.

Neither. They are removed at the same time because the dice are added into the damage pool along with the levels of raw damage.

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Re: Question about Soak by Sly9Sly9, 24 May 2016 06:16

So, I feel like this question loomed large back in the days of 2nd Ed, and I was trying to find out if 3rd Ed has an answer. I leafed through the book but couldn't find it.

If a character has a certain amount of Soak, and are being attacked by an attack that has both dice AND levels of raw damage, which does the Soak remove first?



Question about Soak by VoxExMachinaVoxExMachina, 14 May 2016 22:50

This has yet to be defined for third edition, but previously, the essence of the dead and the underworld fuels necromancy rather than sorcery. Assuming that necromancy will have initiations similar to sorcery, this would be a fitting initiation to necromancy.

Solve et Coagula.

Under the "Setting Material" group, "Locations" and "Maps" have their posts under the sub thread title "List of Houserules" instead of their respective "List of Locations" or "List of Maps". Can someone change this?

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Corrections to Threads? by Sly9Sly9, 28 Apr 2016 04:34
Empress_BastetEmpress_Bastet 28 Feb 2016 14:14
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Maybe a Minor Intimacy towards children? Its true to his Aspect Book Water characterisation and gives PCs more options for dealing with him that are not stabbing him in the face.

by Empress_BastetEmpress_Bastet, 28 Feb 2016 14:14
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