Craft Abstraction
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By chernobogchernobog

These changes are recommended in order to streamline the crafting skill so that it doesn't become an experience point black hole. White Wolf and Onyx Path have the tendency to complicate the Craft skill by making it too specific. These house rules bring the craft skill back to the same abstraction level as all other skills. These guidelines supersede the rules for Craft on page 151 of the core book and Crafting on pages 238-244 of the core book.

Ignore the "special rules" under craft on page 151. Instead, a player may make any craft roll; however, most rolls are penalized with a +3 difficulty. This penalty may be removed if the player has a craft specialization that can be applied to the roll. The normal rules for specialties still apply to the craft skill. To account for the expertise required when attempting crafting projects (238-244), if a player does not have an applicable specialty for the intended project, the difficulty of finishing the project will be increased as follows: basic +2, major +3, repairs +3. Superior and legendary projects do not require Craft (Artifact); the lore and occult requirements are assumed to encompass the required knowledge. However, if a relevant craft specialization is not possessed then the goal number is increased by 50%.

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