Craft Tweaks
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By Philippe "Sanctaphrax" Saner

These are intended for use by people who more or less like the Craft system as written, but have some problems with it.

1. When in doubt, assume it's a Basic Project. Pretty much all non-sword weapons can be Basic Projects. Don't make it Major unless it's, well, major. Ignore the examples, they're not well-written.

2. Don't be afraid to say that something is too minor to be even a Basic Project. Arrows shouldn't be anything, unless you're making a bunch of them.

3. Holden said that making parts for a bigger Project isn't itself a Project. Ignore him. If you don't have enough silver xp to make that house, feel free to do a Basic Project's worth of brick-making.

4. Expand your definition of a "Project" to include anything that might provide inspiration for crafting. Discussing the design of a castle with fellow architects can be a Basic Project. Making a scale model of a manse can be a Major Project. Experimenting with chemicals, teaching an apprentice, studying a behemoth whose powers you want to emulate…they can all be Projects.

5. Craft is one ability, divided into areas of expertise the same way Lore is.

6. First Age wonders are just really powerful artifacts. Repairing them will often take odd components, but that's because you need appropriate materials to repair anything.

7. Steal the "assess item" action from the full rewrite below. (You can probably do this by the book, but I want to put some emphasis on it.)

8. Look over the Charms I've written and take some that have the Agnostic keyword. Maybe change the names, if necessary.

9. Look over the Charms in the book and ditch any that you don't want to play with.

10. Replace the "When finishing your project upholds, furthers, or protects one of your character’s Intimacies" objective with "When finishing your project involves roleplaying your character in an entertaining and appropriate way".

11. Replace the "When finishing your project produces a clear in-game gain for your character" objective with "When finishing your project moves the story forward or opens up interesting possibilities for future play".

12. Replace the "When finishing your project causes another character to gain or strengthen an Intimacy toward you" with "When finishing your project provides character development to another character or illustrates an interesting detail of the setting".

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