Martial Arts for Mortals
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By jhubertjhubert

Using this rule, mortals may purchase Martial Arts charms for 10 XP each as long as they fulfill the prerequisites (they count as having Essence 1 for this purpose). As they do not have an Essence pool, they must make a "Focus Chi" action to acquire the necessary motes for using Martial Arts Charms. Focus Chi is a combat action which cannot be placed into a flurry. The martial artist rolls Wits + Martial Arts, and then can exchange Initiative for Chi motes on a 1:1 basis which can be subsequently used to power Martial Arts charms. The martial artist loses 3 Chi motes at the end of each round where no new Chi motes were gathered.

While for the most part I liked the changes to Martial Arts in the 3E rules, I was bothered by the fact that martial arts were largely pointless for mortal characters since they didn't really provide an advantage over "mundane" combat skill. However, I did see the point of not giving ordinary mortals access to an Essence pool.
Thus, I decided to use the Shape Sorcery action as a basis in order to allow mortal characters power their Martial Arts charms. Exalted characters should not bother with this, since motes are far more plentiful than Initiative, but this approach does allow mortal martial artists use some basic Martial Arts charms, including the Form charms of many styles - though not more than that.

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