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By MajorOPFMajorOPF

Type: Earth, Standard
Keywords: Wild-born

The Skystone is a symbol of life, the stone takes on injuries in place of the wearers own health. Initially appearing as an uneven chunk of turquoise the size of child's palm, this hearthstone refuses to socket within a weapon. When placed in any other socket the hearthstone becomes smooth and polished, resizing itself to fit perfectly. This hearthstone only develops in demesnes.

Mechanical Effects: The Skystone protects its wearer from serious harm, reacting differently depending on whether the damage source is bashing or lethal.

Upon receiving a bashing wound that would wrap over into lethal damage, the Skystone cracks. The wearer is left with their Incapacitated level unmarked and any rollover damage is ignored. However, the wearer is stunned and at a -1 martial, social, and opposed role penalty. Once the Skystone is cracked, a second such bashing wound causes the stone to absorb the rollover damage and shatter, leaving the wearer unconscious with Incapacitated marked, but with no lethal damage from the blow.

Upon receiving a lethal wound that would kill the wearer, the stone stone immediately shatters and the wearer is rendered unconscious but not bleeding.

In either case, after being destroyed the stone slowly regenerates in the demesne it originally came from.

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