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Akuma are servants of the Yozis. They are mortals who have sold their souls for infernal power and now exist as an extension of the Yozi's will. The ways that a mortal can become an Akuma are numerous, whether they do it incidentally, intentionally, or it is forced upon them. The only requirements for becoming Akuma are a subject who is willing, or who has been forced to become willing, and a Demon with the power to transform him.

Mechanically, an Akuma is defined as any mortal who has been transformed into a Demon-Blood as a result of a Demon's Endowment Charm. However, Exalted are too powerful to be targeted by a simple Endowment, and must become Akuma through other means. The Charm Investiture of Infernal Glory works very similarly to the Endowment Charm, but is powerful enough to affect even the mighty Exalted. Through the use of this charm an Exalt is transformed into an Exalted Akuma, one of the mighty aristocracy of Malfeas.

Akuma and Exalted Akuma suffer from many limitations. The process of transformation links them to the will of the Demon who endowed them, destroying their free will in the process. Akuma will always consider whether an action is beneficial for their master before considering whether or not it is beneficial or hamful to themselves, and will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves. Akuma can never refuse commands by their master, and can even be possessed by their master at any time.

Unlike many of the Yozi's servants, Akuma can act in Creation, since they were originally a part of it. While some of their gifted powers may only work during Calibration or not at all, Akuma ironically still enjoy much more freedom than the masters who dominate them. As a result, Akuma, and especially Exalted Akuma, are perhaps the most powerful tool the Yozis have at their disposal for escaping their Prison.

A soul that has been warped into an Akuma cannot easily escape service to Malfeas. An Exalt that has been turned into an Akuma is cleansed of the taint when they die, but in their next incarnation will constantly suffer the siren call of service to the Yozis. Until the moment they die such Exalts will feel incomplete and will find themselves fascinated by Infernal lore and Demons. This attachment weakens over the course of several lifetimes, and if an Exalt can fight the urge to return to his masters for several incarnations he will eventually be pure again.

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