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A normally invisible aura that surrounds all living things. When an Exalted uses Essence, that Essence often spills into his Anima, making it visible. Therefore, Exalted who expend a great deal of Essence are often surrounded by a brilliant display of power that can be visible miles distant.

Anima Banner

When an Exalted's Anima becomes visible, it can display totemic or other images when on high power levels. This display is called an Anima Banner. Each Exalt's anima banner is unique and represents his personality. However there are some general guidelines:

Solar Exalted: Solar Anima Banners tend to depict powerful creatures such as giants or animals emblematic of strength and endurance. Some banners are more abstract, such as a column of flame or an intricate mandala of glowing wires. Solar anima banners are always impressive.

Lunar Exalted: Lunar Anima Banners tend to almost always depict an animal, usually the true shape of the Lunar. This display can be either realistically or in an abstract form.

Sidereal Exalted: Sidereal Anima Banners are generally not very impressive, by Exalted standards. They take the form of a glowing aura or halo, usually imperceptible beyond a few hundred yards. Of all Exalted, the Sidereals' banners are the least varied.

Terrestrial Exalted: Terrestrial Anima Banners are based on their appropriate element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Wood). They typically depict their element in power, such as swirling clouds, raging flames, or tangled thorns. A small number of powerful Terrestrial Exalted have anima banners that impressively depict their Elemental Dragon. The Terrestrial Exalted, unlike most Exalted, have sound and smell attached to their animas. While the animas of other Exalted may be more impressive, none are so evocative as these. Terrestrial Animas also have an unique property called Anima Flux.

Abyssal Exalted: Abyssal Anima Banners tend to be a corrupted version of the Solars' banners. They show twisted, hideous animals; zombified, decaying giants; sickly, poisonous-looking green flames; or anything else perverted and unclean.

Alchemical Exalted: Alchemical Anima Banners depict industrial might, with churning gears, thudding pistons, arcing electricity, and so forth. Like the Dragon-Blooded, the Alchemical Exalted have animas that include sound and smell.

Infernal Exalted: Infernal Anima Banners have not been canonically defined. Possibilities include plumes of verdigris chaos, immense unnatural features of land, visions of demonic retribution against a wayward Creation - all things that are alien to Creation and symbols of Demonic heroism.

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