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Pronounced: aw-toh-THON
The Great Maker, The Machine God, The King of All Craftsmen

Along with Gaia, Autochthon is one of the only Primordials to have survived the Primordial War. He is the master of craft, ingenuity, invention and artifice. After the war, he went into self-imposed exile beyond Creation behind the Seal of Eight Divinities, where he went into slumber.

Autochthon sleeps there still, home to thousands of humans who went with him and have forged nations and cities within his great body, who call their home Autochthonia and work hard to keep their mechanical god in working order.


  • The Core, the Mind of the Great Maker, Fetich Soul of Autochthon.
  • Runel, Divine Minister of Order, Smooth Functioning, Productivity, Efficiency, Cities, Commerce, Life, and Health.
  • Kek'Tungsssha, Divine Minister of Smelting, Craft, Tools, Industry, Mass Production, Fertility, and Reproductive Sex.
  • Debok Moom, Divine Minister of War, War Machines, Violent Paradigm Shifts, Privacy, and Wealth. Chief Regulator of the Element of Metal.
  • Noi, Divine Minister of Curiosity, Research, Exploration, Innovation, Rebellion, and Progress. Chief Regulator of the Element of Oil.
  • Mog, Divine Minister of Authority, Proper Functioning, Dogma, Righteous Action and Just Punishment. Scourge of the Lumpen and Chief Regulator of the Element of Lightning.
  • Kadmek, Divine Minister of Design, Architecture, Structural Integrity, Biogeomancy, Arts, Wisdom, Strategy, and Prophecy. Chief Regulator of the Element of Crystal.
  • Domadamod, Divine Minister of Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Cannabalism; Enlightened Guardian of the Eternal Cycle.
  • Ku, Divine Minister of the Reaches and the Far Reaches, Seals, and Thaumaturgy. Chief Regulator of the Element of Smoke.
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