Bishop Of The Chalcedony Thurible

Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible

The Shining One
The Great Diaconate of Silent Vespers
Lord of the Hidden Tabernacle
High Priest of Oblivion


This Deathlord believes he can destroy Creation through theological argument alone. He promotes Ancestor Cults and Death Worship, and that the Void will bring the "joy of nothingness" to everyone. Through his writing (and liberal use of Linguistics Charms) the Tome of Endless Night is the final word on his religion of Oblivion the Shining Path. This writing is hundreds of volumes long, and some are so moving and elegant about the end of all things they can drive people mad, and many others are nonsense. All of this is progressed at his mobile Manse, The Hidden Tabernacle.


His Abyssal servants are given a good grounding in his theology, and after that they're pretty much left up to their own devices so long as they don't go against what he teaches. He previously broke his most devoted servant's heart. She was such a follower of the Shining Path she begged the Bishop to end her life. Instead, he granted Celebrant of Blood an Exaltation, letting her live forever. Finally, the The Green Lady has infiltrated his court under the guise of an elderly man named Ten Thousand Virtues.

He corresponds regularly and cordially with Walker in Darkness, though they're strained allies at the most.

His Neverborn master, however, is frustrated with the slow rate of his progress, and goad his servants to act on their own to bring Creation into the Void.


The Bishop has two forms that are known in Heaven. The first is that of a blind old man dressed as a priest of sage who exudes wisdom and tranquility. The second he uses in battle, and is a gigantic canine-human hybrid corpse with things that jut through his skin. He enters battle unclothed, as this form is covered in poisonous black ichor. His green glowing eyes leak the same fluid.


The Bishop is a powerful Martial Artist, choosing that over many Artifacts or Necrotech. He mostly wields the Bishop's Crosier, a Black Jade shepard's staff. In addition to being an impressive weapon, it can turn into a bat, turn mortals into ghosts, and set many Hearthstones. He is fully adept in at least three different types of Martial Arts and has a smattering of others, including one he created for himself and the Shining Path. When he does fight, he takes the beastial form described above. While he doesn't usually supply his Deathknights with weapons, he sometimes allows them to train under a different Deathlord, though fully debriefs them when they return.


Notable servants of this deathlord are:

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