Bodhisattva Anointed By Dark Water

Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water

The Silver Prince


To bring Creation to destruction through both religion and force. Using Charms, the Silver Prince established a transhumanist religion on Skullstone with a focus on the nobility of the dead; being a ghost assumes a preferred state, almost like transcending form and achieving enlightenment. He arrived on Darkmist Isle in RY 87. He masterfully predicted his own return when he created the society, had many different faces as influential people throughout the years he didn't rule, and now once again rules as the Silver Prince. He returned to power in RY 764 in the guise of the Silver Prince. Currently, he is using an undead work force to construct a fleet of Soulsteel ships that combine First Age technology with necromancy at a secret base known as Island Five.


The Silver Prince demands loyalty above all else from his subordinates and followers. He will never again Exalt someone not of his people and religion, as things did not turn out well when he corrupted who would become Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea. He also swayed away Knights of Ghosts and Shadows from the Lover when he went rogue from her and joined him. He also has Unfolding Corpse-White Lotus in his court, though he know her real identity and that she spies for him on other Deathlords. He has one Solar under his command, Captain Moray Darktide, who Exalted fighting pirates. He keeps him far away, though, in case Captain Darktide discovers his plan.

His Neverborn master is Principle of Consumption.


The Silver Prince is a huge figure in silver robes with Soulsteel ornamentation. He's considered handsome by many, though he wears a death-mask for formal occasions. As the Bodhisattva, he looked like a traveling aged healer in simple robes. Due to his natural shapeshifting power, he wears many many faces as needed.


The Bodhisattva's main base is Ebon Skull, carved into the side of an extinct volcano in RY143. He has access to many of Creation's Necromancers and Necrosurgeons. He has an army of zombies, and a consistent, replenishable stream of Soulsteel. His robes act as heavy armour, and he has a grand daiklave Howler in Darkness, has many unique properties to itself. When he does come into conflict, he'd rather talk his way out than fight, but if worse comes to worse he has very good fighting prowess and access to high-level Martial Arts. He's also a Void Circle Necromancer and Celestial Circle Sorcerer.


Notable servants of the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water are:

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