Bureau of Destiny
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History and Overview

The Most Excellent Designers of Destiny and Sidereal Conjunctions, also known as the Bureau of Destiny, oversees the operation of fate and destiny. A large part of this is protecting Creation from forces that could disrupt its integrity. It is the duty of all Sidereals to uphold these conventions.

Before the Primordial War, the [[[lex:Primordial|Primordials themselves oversaw the proper functioning of Creation and the Loom of Fate. To assist them, they created the Five Maidens and countless lesser gods. After the war, the Maidens asked Autochthon to create for them assistants and helpers, so he created Asna Firstborn, who in turn created the incredible amount of Pattern Spiders that work the Loom today.

The Bureau itself starts with the Maidens and includes many Gods, each assigned to a Division. Many Gods and Sidereals are also on different Conventions inside of each Division, though a Convention does not necessarily need to fall under the purview of just one Division.


Divisions within the Bureau and their main offices include:

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