Celestial Bureaucracy
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The complex hierarchy that forms the underpinnings of Heaven and, consequently, Creation.

The Celestial Incarna

The Celestines, or Celestial Incarnae because of their association with a heavenly body (the sun, the moon or one of five planets that appear in the sky) were foremost among the servants of the Primordials. They are the heads of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

The Celestial Bureaucracy

Beneath the Celestial Incarnae are many other gods who are charged with watching over Creation. All gods hold some position in its rankings, whether or not they choose to observe their duties, and even those deities who have been degraded for improper conduct are still part of the divine system. The Bureaucracy is divided into five Celestial Bureaus, under which fall all the functions of Creation and Heaven. A god's position in this is based on two criteria: power and history.

Every god, no matter how low or high in the scheme of Heaven knows his duty and should perform the tasks assigned to him. Even those lesser gods that are the result of mortal actions and worship (for example, the spirit of a specific sword or a boat) are aware of their relative status and obligations. Gods are best defined in terms of their assigned duties, whether or not they perform those duties and what their area of patronage is.

The Five Celestial Bureaus

The Most Excellent Designers of Destiny and Sidereal Conjunctions

The Bureau of Destiny plans out the course of Creation. This includes the Sidereal Exalted and many of the most powerful gods, all divided into one of the Five Maidens' bureaus.

The Commission of Abstract Matters and Celestial Concerns

The Bureau of Heaven contains gods of abstract notions, such as thinking, thirst and souls.

The Celestial Monitors of the Seasons and Weather

The Bureau of Seasons is responsible for the progression of seasons and activity of weather.

The Divine Witnesses of Human Works and Deeds

The Bureau of Humanity oversees the gods of humanity. There is a great deal of overlap and bickering between this Bureau and the Bureau of Heaven.

The Superintendency of Nature Grand and Humble

The Bureau of Nature looks after all the flora and fauna of the world, and those things not made by human hands.

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