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The Celestial Incarnae or Celestines are the most powerful Gods in Yu-Shan and Creation. They embody the mightiest phenomena and are the patrons of the Celestial Exalted. Commonly referred to as the Incarnae, these beings are the supreme expression of celestial might. They have existed since the inception of Creation; created by the Primordials to maintain the integrity of Creation. After inciting the Primordial War, they turned over the duty of ruling Creation to the Solars by bestowing the Mandate of Heaven. They now reside, almost exclusively, in the Jade Pleasure Dome in Yu-Shan playing the Games of Divinity.

Celestial Incarnae

  • The Unconquered Sun, who defended the borders of Creation from the raksha for eons before the rise of man.
  • Luna, who stood beside him and governed the borderlands of Creation.
  • The Five Maidens, gods of fate and causality.
  • Nox, Incarna of Possibility and the Night Sky, who may or may not exist at the whim of your ST.

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