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Darkbrood is a generic term for the many races that inhabit the many tunnels and caves beneath Creation. Some of them were discarded Primordial experiments, others are species who fought for the Primordials in the Primordial War, and some are formerly natural races that were twisted by the strange Essences underground.

Regardless of their origins, the Darkbrood range from standoffish to actively hostile. Most of them are staunch enemies of the Mountain Folk and of Creation.

Canonical Darkbrood Species

  • Cephalids - Powerful and dangerous squid-monsters
  • Cthritae - appearing as man-sized centipedes carved from onyx and black opals these mindless beasts often hunt in packs of a dozen or more.
  • Hruggha - Monstrous raiders formed from infected humans
  • Underpeople - Generally non-hostile Essence-users who are badly injured by sunlight

Non-Canon Darkbrood

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