Dowager Of The Irreverent Vulgate In Unrent Veils

Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils

Untamed Kethet of the Swarm


She had her greatness ripped from her. The Dowager is the one that pulled the Great Contagion from the far paradoxes of reality into Creation from the Well of Udr. She still fumes that the invasion of the Wyld undermined her pox. She occupies herself by ravaging local villages, slaying the adults, raising the orphaned children to adult hood, then releasing them back to their villages to rebuild, the repeating the process (as a gardener sows and harvests vegetables year after year, she harvests ghosts decade after decade). She also spends a lot of time staring into the mouth of madness that is the Well of Udr, hoping beyond hope to find something else that she could unleash upon Creation, ideally the "Anti-Creation."


The other Deathlords find her mad and don't interact with her very often, though she is incredibly pissed off at both the First and Forsaken Lion and Eye and Seven Despairs, as she blames them for the failure of the Contagion. The only people she really interacts with are the people around her base, Noss Fens, that she culls. She lives within the Mound of Forgotten Seeds with her children. She will only ever Exalt one person at a time, and it is always a little girl who is named Shoat of the Mire.

Her Neverborn master is Abhorrence of Life.


The Dowager has many different appearances depending on what she's doing. Most of her forms are animalistic or incorporate animals into her form, such as her asp-fingers. Some even rumor she was a Lunar in the First Age. In all forms, however, she has ram's horns and cloven feet.


The Dowager is a very adept archer, using her Soulsteel long powerbow Root of Scorn when forced into battle. If someone is killed with it, their ghost immediately becomes the Dowager's slave. She's also considered the best Necromancer in Creation; her libraries have pretty much every text on the subject. She is also an accomplished Necrosurgeon, though she likes combining species. If she's forced to fight, she prefers to do it in her throne room, near the Well of Udr, so the would-be attacker has to deal with the mind numbing effects of the Well, making them even more susceptible to her attacks. If she's in close-combat, she prefers to wear a leonine war form, which increase all of her already impressive Attributes even more, and deals damage to all those who touch her. She is adept in at least two complete styles of Celestial Martial Arts.


Notable servants of this deathlord are:

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