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An Elemental is either a spirit of Creation aspected to one of the five Elements or a spirit of Autochthonia aspected toward one of the six Autochthonian elements. Their primary purpose within the Terrestrial Bureaucracy is to operate and manage the daily going-ons of Creation. Air and Water spirits control the weather and tides. Earth spirits bring down avalanches as scheduled, or simply make hills grow where commanded. Wood elementals tend to their forests and plants and so on.

Elementals are primarily materialized spirits of the elements that need to spend a great deal of Essence to dematerialize.

Elemental Dragons

Elemental Dragons are the evolutionary result of the elemental condition. As an elemental grows in spiritual power, they take on the forms of humanoids or large animals and eventually, the only form that can contain such Essence is the form of the dragon.

Lesser Elemental Dragons

These elementals have achieved no less than Essence 6 and their natural forms remain draconic from this point onward (although the most common variations resemble dragons with the heads of different beasts). The most powerful of these spiritual beasts eventually achieve Essence 10 and evolve into Greater Elemental Dragons.

Greater Elemental Dragons

These Essence 10 beings are spirits of almost unimaginable power. Beings like the Kukla (a Greater Elemental Dragon of Earth); Gardullis (a Greater Elemental Dragon of Fire); Oo-Tahn, the Annihilator; or the Black Cloud of An-Teng are examples of such monolithic elemental spirits. They typically manifest as forces of complete and utter destruction more powerful than many Third Circle demons, and all of them, to date, have some form of mental illness that drives them toward insanity, making them uncontrollable and therefore, necessitating their bindings to remote places and duties.

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