Eye And Seven Despairs

Eye and Seven Despairs

Star of Dirt and Dust (False Identity)
Prioress of Bloody Sands


Eye and Seven Despairs doesn't really have that clear of goals, save for one. His main purpose seems to be torturing and tormenting those who hurt him before he died. He's made an intricate plot to turn them against one another using himself as the object of their lust. Before he died, back in the First Age, his circle tormented the young Twilight ruthlessly, going so far as to pluck out his mortal father's eye and give it to him. He killed himself shortly afterward. He claims to have been the first to sell his soul to the Neverborn. At the urging of his master, he opened a second front in the Field of Bloodied Bulls, but he's not really doing anything there, either. His laziness and disinterest aside, he's still a master craftsman and considered the best necrotechnician around. He and his "lovers" stay in Cold House in the South. Generally, he follows the lead of another Deathlord (when prodded by his master to do something) and leaps ahead.


Other than tormenting the Exaltations of his previous circle, he also Exalted Red Famine, though he's getting very bored and considering defecting. Previously he allied with the First and Forsaken Lion to convince the Fey to invade Creation, but that ended when the gambit failed. Most other Deathlords who know of his actions think him foolish and ineffective. He previously worked with the First and Forsaken Lion to bring the Fair Folk into creation, following the Great Contagion but this ended in failure. Unlike the punishment the Lion received, however, the Eye claims his Neverborn masters ordered him to help, so was not punished in the same way.

His Neverborn master is Abhorrence of Life.


When he isn't shape changing or pretending to be the lover of his former circle mates, he looks like a desiccated corpse with sunken eyes and no nose. He's also missing an arm, which he replaced with necrotech. When he wears the Star of Dirt and Dust identity he's a beautiful pale woman. When he's the Prioress of Bloody Sands, he's an old emaciated bald woman wearing bloody monk robes.


As mentioned above, he is the master of the Manse Cold House, a stone manor in the south. It has a unique ability that one room in the Manse overlooks the Void; the only thing closer are the Neverborn. It's possible, though very dangerous, to leap from the balcony and land on the Tombs of the Neverborn themselves. Other than his Manse, he has huge access to minions, wealth and arsenal, though his obsessions cloud his vision in the way they should be used. When fighting, he uses the Soulsteel monstrosity that replaced his right arm, the Fatal Arbalest of Quietus and Eclipses, which can be used both in hand to hand fighting and as a ranged crossbow. When faced in combat, he overestimates himself, but his main goal is to stay out of combat completely. If he's pressed, he will dodge the attacks and run away. He has no war machines for his army, but commands a small unit, the Venomed Assembly to End Hope.


Notable servants of this Deathlord are:

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