First And Forsaken Lion
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First and Forsaken Lion

Oblivion's General

A face of swirling void and the dark, maddened visage of his soul, the First and Forsaken Lion is the purest expression of dark power and corruption. First among the Deathlords to turn to the cause of the Neverborn, and first among them in his personal prowess, the First and Forsaken Lion is perhaps one of the most powerful beings in all existence. He believes, despite previous setbacks, that he can use his legion, the Legion Sanguinary to march across Creation, killing, well, everything. Previously, he and Eye and Seven Despairs worked together to bring the Fair Folk to Creation in the wake of the Great Contagion as a coup de grĂ¢ce. However, it's thought that, ironically, the Balorian Crusade actually saved Creation. His Neverborn master surly thought so, and encased him in Soulsteel armor that hurts him and is never to be removed. When this happened, he lost the inherent shape changing ability all Deathlords have. Though he is surely the most powerful warlord in the Underworld, the Forsaken Lion is also a superb scholar and has bound the Seven Divine Counselors to him, who spoke against him when he first appeared in Stygia. Centuries ago the Forsaken Lion rebelled against his Neverborn overlord He Who Holds in Thrall, thinking that his power was unassailable. Obviously, he was wrong, and now remains in everlasting, painful torment in his armor-prison. Abandoning his original citadel in the sea off the coast of Stygia, the Forsaken Lion followed the direction of his master to build The Thousand. Despite all this power, however, the Forsaken Lion has made very few inroads into Creation, and is little known there.


When the Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers failed her master, the First and Forsaken Lion pledged his service to the Neverborn in return for the Princess' continued existence and servitude. In fact, though no one may know, the Forsaken Lion is in love with the Princess Magnificent and punishes her so severely so that he may hide his feelings, but her contempt for him undermines any attempts of wooing her he might have. Secondly, he has an unfortunate habit of putting the Caste of his Deathknights before their actual abilities, leading to potential incompetence in areas where a particular Exalt might not be the best suited to do the job they were assigned.


The Lion's seven foot form is encased in superheavy Soulsteel armor due to past indiscretions. He wears the heads of six of the Seven Divine Counselors of Stygia on his belt from a previous attempted coup. His face isn't visible behind his helmet, and none of his skin can be seen beyond his armor. His armor is draped in soulsteel chains, a prison for him and a leash for his fourty incubi-children.


The First and Forsaken Lion wields Varan's Ruin, a powerful soulsteel daiklave forged from the ghost of a great hero. He delights in wielding his blade to redress the rare insult or defiance he faces, and still more to simply crush his foes beneath his boot. From The Thousand, a massive fortress, the Forsaken Lion rules the South of the Underworld and directs his 750,000-strong Legion Sanguinary. He's running into problems, though, as he's finding shortages in resources he needs to keep the army up and running. He keeps a Royal Warstrider, the Insidious Ebon Xoanon, but that's having problems getting the resources it needs as well. His most terrifying weapon is the Final Maelstrom, is yet to be completed. It's a quarter-mile wide flying battle cruiser. When finished, it should be along the same power level as The Five-Metal Shrike or the Thousand-Forged Dragons. The trick, though, is getting it to work.

Servants of the First and Forsaken Lion

Notable servants of this deathlord are:

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