Great House
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A Great House is a family of Dynasts that forms the ruling class of the Scarlet Empire. In total they are called the Scarlet Dynasty. They are usually founded by a Dragon-Blooded with direct descent from the Empress. The first name of these founders then makes up the family name.

List of Great Houses

Currently there are eleven extended families.

  • House Cathak: fire-aspected; militant expansionists; very disciplined.
  • House Cynis: wood-aspected; idle hedonists and politicians.
  • House Iselsi: water-aspected; almost exterminated; sneaky survivors and spymasters.
  • House Ledaal: air-aspected; far-thinking strategists.
  • House Mnemon: earth-aspected; devout believers; strongest family.
  • House Nellens: no aspect; scorned for their common-tainted blood.
  • House Peleps: water-aspected; conniving merchants, politicians and sailors.
  • House Ragara: earth-aspected; financiers with everyone in their debt.
  • House Sesus: fire-aspected; militant and specialized.
  • House Tepet: air-aspected; recently suffered a devastating military loss.
  • House V'neef: wood-aspected; adaptable; the youngest House.

Former Great Houses

These are Houses that were once great, but no longer exist.

  • House Manosque: Put to the sword in RY 244 for a failed coup against the Scarlet Empress involving the Eye of Autochthon.
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