House Ledaal
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The Ledaal are known throughout the Scarlet Dynasty for their particularly inquisitive nature. Sidereal tutors and a tendency toward Air Aspects have reinforced that penchant and made this House one of the most studious and knowledgeable in the Realm.

Master of the House

The House Matriarch is Ledaal Yasmet, a powerful sorcerer who spends a great deal of money on expeditions further afield in search of ancient power. She believes that the Realms only hope for survival lies in occult might. Yasmet is at the head of the Flashing Tempest Council with other figures such as the wyld hunt veteran Ledaal Sivarin Vanek and the sorcerer Ledaal Zenitar.

Major Lines

  • Ledaal Catala, primarily researchers and adventurers in the Threshold.
  • Ledaal Kebok, historians and scholars.

All the Ledaal bloodlines have an affinity for the element of Air.


The savants and researchers of House Ledaal charge high fees for the Artifacts they build or recover, or for Spells they cast on behalf of other Houses.


House Ledaal claims Arjuf Dominion as it's ancestral holding, and their ancestral estate is the Palace of Vines.

Goals and Alliances

House Cathak and the Immaculate Order both appreciate the support that House Ledaal gives them, and are willing to offer their own military or spiritual support in return. This might come in handy when Ledaal researchers discover just how dangerous the Deathlords are.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

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