House Tepet
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Once one of the most powerful and martial of the Great Houses, House Tepet now scrambles to piece itself back together and pump new blood back in to replace what they have lost.

More information about House Tepet can be found in Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded.

Master of the House

The five children of the founder once bickered over what direction to take the House. Now they are of one solemn mind.

Major Lines

  • Tepet Marek, Tepet Vergus, and Tepet Tilis were nearly annihilated with their Legions.
  • Tepet Nerigus and Tepet Berel are primarily merchants and financiers

House Tepet favored Air Aspects in the past, but has begun an aggressive (some might say "frantic") adoption campaign to rebuild its numbers with Outcastes of any aspect.


With their Legions shattered, House Tepet cannot exact tribute from its satrapies, and must rely on the vast wealth they had stored up previous to this disaster. Still, they will not last long without a major source of income, and the entire House is desperate to reconstitute a viable military force from whoever they have available.


House Tepet claims Lord's Crossing Dominion as their ancestral holding.

Goals and Alliances

With the other Houses pulling out on long-standing arranged marriages and business deals, House Tepet is having to use the last of its influence to keep its allies. It is also actively courting every Terrestrial Exalt it can find to join.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Tepet Arada, a great general, disillusioned by the defeat of the Legions
  • Tepet Ejava, the "Roseblack", a tactical genius commanding the shredded remains of House Tepet's military


Canon is unclear on the identity of the mother or mothers of Tepet's five Dragon-blooded children. The Scarlet Empress is a possibility, however it is unlikely that she was the mother of all five of them, particularly not during their brief marriage: Tepet married her in RY 362 and disappeared in RY 371, and during that time, the Scarlet Empress only had one canon child, Mnemon, who was fathered by Rawar of Arjuf.

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