Infernal Exalted
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Infernal Exalted is a collective term used for all those Exalted who have entered service to the Yozis and have been twisted by them. Within the Chosen of the Yozis there are two major subgroups that differ in their creation and possible powers, the Green Sun Princes and the Akuma. Sometimes the term Infernal Exalted is used incorrectly to refer directly to one of these groups. Green Sun Prince is used to refer to mortals who have agreed to serve the Yozi and received one of the Solar Exaltations which have been tainted by the Yozis. As playable characters, they were introduced and detailed in the Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals. These new Celestial Exalted have been created from the Solar Exaltations captured by the Deathlords after breaking the Jade Prison. They have been given to the Yozis by their dead siblings, the Neverborn. Twisted thoroughly, they are used to Exalt those mortals who failed at a critical point in their lives. The Green Sun Princes are first canonically referenced by Ingosh Silverclaws' final revelatory vision, in which he says "Two score and ten is the number of the Green Sun Princes." The term Green Sun Princes is a sobriquet of the Infernal Exalted, but one that refers specifically to the tainted Solar shards.


See Akuma for more information.

Akuma are existing Terrestrial, Celestial Exalted, or even Mortals who have sold their soul and body to the Yozis. This process warps them in mind and body and creates something new. The most prominent example is Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha, an akuma to Kimbery.

Infernal Castes

Slayer Caste

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The members of the Slayer Caste are soldiers and generals. They serve the agonized and berserk daemon king Malfeas, who embodies the demon realm itself. As a result of Malfeas' influence, however, the Green Sun Princes of this caste are sadistic, unstoppable juggernauts more often than generals.

Malefactor Caste

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The members of the Malefactor Caste are preachers and leaders. They serve the hypocritical and domineering Cecelyne, who embodies the endless desert surrounding Malfeas. They tend to be capricious, abusive fascists.

Defiler Caste

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The members of the Defiler Caste are sages and sorcerers. They serve the brilliant and judgmental She Who Lives In Her Name, who embodies the hierarchy and law of the demon realm. They possess brilliant insight and an unparalleled ability to directly influence reality with their wills, but aren't especially gifted at healing or teaching.

Scourge Caste

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The members of the Scourge Caste are spies and assassins. They serve the insane and cataclysmic Adorjan, who embodies the scouring silent wind of the demon realm. Ironically, the members of this cast tend towards tremendous speed and little stealth capability.

Fiend Caste

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The members of the Fiend Caste are diplomats and corruptors. They serve the manipulative and adversarial Ebon Dragon, who embodies the darkness of the demon realm. They're extremely adept at manipulation, deception, and crippling opponents, but are bad at honest persuasion.

Being an Infernal

Changed, Body and Soul

A Warlock emerges from their Exaltation with their body reversed in age to its prime, with some small alterations; their Unwoven Coadjutor lingers in them in more ways than one. A Green Sun Prince bears some physical change reflecting that demon, although this can be minor or covered up. The Coadjutor's touch extends beyond the physical—it remains as an independent entity within the Infernal's soul, ideally both assisting its new host and remaining as a link to the Yozis. Infernals also have another complication: Without Lytek or Oblivion to cleans them, their First Age incarnations have left their memories more heavily upon their Exaltations, and so the Warlocks find remnants of the Lawgivers of the First Age also echoing through their heads.

Yozi Charms

This is not the end of the changes for the Green Sun Princes, but the beginning: Infernals may quickly come to learn that their Charms are unlike those of the other Exalted; rather than being powers they possess, Infernal charms become the powers that they are. Many charms are permanently transformative on some level, giving an Infernal exceptional capabilities and limitations at the same time. These are also the charms that comprise the Yozis themselves: with each such charm a Warlock or Akuma takes, they do not merely emulate one of the makers of the world, they become more like them.

Infernal Life Span

Green Sun Princes who never rise above Essence 5 have the shortest life span of any Exalt, dropping dead without warning at 150 years after their Exaltation. Raising their Essence forestalls this, but even at their strongest such an Infernal will be far outlived by any other Celestial peers. However, there are options…

Primordial Apotheosis — The Narrow Path

Green Sun Princes who survive to the highest levels of Essence have taken on the powers of the Yozis and in so doing, become more and more like them. A tree of high-Essence charms starting at (Yozi) Cosmic Principle complete this metamorphosis, giving the Infernal great power - starting with an immortal body more durable than any of the Chosen and more Essence than they could ever dream of carrying and moving up from there - at the cost of shedding their Exaltation and permanently locking them into the charmset of a single Primordial. The Infernal becomes, in effect, a twin of one of the Primordials from whom they took power, albeit with its own consciousness, soul pantheon, intimacies, etc.[2]

Devil-Tiger — The Broad Path

Infernals are not constrained to merely become another Yozi, fixed to a single mode of action for all eternity. Certain charms exist undiscovered between the Yozis themselves. Among these Heretical charms exists Triumphant Howl of the Devil-Tiger, which allows an Infernal to begin creating an all-new Primordial entity from themselves and birthing a charmset that reflects the Infernal's nature rather than that of another. Doing so also renders the Infernal immortal, but does not constrain them to a single charmset and in fact denies them the ability to take (Yozi) Cosmic Principle.[3]

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