Iyutha The Vitriolic Dragon

Iyutha, the Vitriolic Dragon

Demon of the Second Circle, Messenger Soul of That Which Wears Down the Mountains

Borne upon infernal winds, the dragon Iyutha glares down at the Demon City with a heart full of venom. She loathes love and harmony and stability with every fiber of her being. Even the discordant streets of Hell contain too many of these things for her to know joy, so she pits herself against the order of Malfeas in every way she can encompass, employing politics and intrigue and force of arms to undermine the city’s fiefdoms and cast them down into chaos.

When she takes flight to spit vitriol upon her foes and rend their towers with talons of black iron, Iyutha appears as a dragon scaled in ebon and purple. Jagged bone spikes jut through her skin, and her transparent wings ripple with horrifying phantasms and ornately blazoned blasphemies. When she would wreak subtler harm, she becomes an ugly crone with fingernails of rusty iron. Entering a rival’s court, she worms her way into the ruler’s inner circle with honeyed words, then pours poisonous advice into his ear. Meanwhile, she spreads rumors and lies throughout the court and the general populace, encouraging treachery and strife. Only in watching her efforts yield the fruit of betrayal does she sincerely smile.

Bleak omens accompany the Vitriolic Dragon when she appears in Creation. A greasy haze obscures the day, and stars wander from their constellations at night. Sheep abandon their shepherds, and cattle break from the herd. In the South, lions quarrel over their kills, while fleets in the West lose their bearings as compasses randomly spin. Jackdaws and kingfishers circle above palaces and ministries, presaging misfortune for the great.

Iyutha serves as brood mother to a score of aerial demon species and countless Demon-Blooded offspring, but she is no loving parent. Meddlesome and cruel, she employs her progeny as pawns in her efforts to destroy her enemies. Hatred comes naturally to her, and her adversaries are legion, comprising all who have ever given her offense over the Ages.

Summoning: (Obscurity 2/5) Some sorcerers conjure Iyutha to ravage their foes with claws and vitriol, while others call her forth to poison the hearts of their enemies’ courts. She sometimes wrests herself free of the demon prison when the cruelty of a tyrannical parent or elder drives a child to parricide. For each month she does not betray someone whose trust she has won, she gains a point of Limit.

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