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The Lintha are a band of pirates and smugglers terrorizing the West and South from their secret port of Bluehaven. However, they are not simply a pirate fleet. They are a criminal family led by an ancient race of primordial origin. The word Lintha is commonly used to refer to these God-Blooded, while the term Lintha Family is used to describe the extended family of pirate captains that make up this powerful band of cut-throats.

Race of Demons

The Lintha are descended from an ancient race, pre-dating the Primordial War. The Ancient Lintha were a glorious, but arrogant and cruel, race of God-Bloods born from the seed of Kimbery. The Ancient Lintha ruled a magnificent Empire in the West from their capital city of T'foor Na, The Blue city. However, the ancient Lintha sided with their mother during the Primordial Wars, and were slaughtered by the Armies of the Solar Deliberative. Only a few Lintha survived the generations of Wars that followed, most of whom were sold into slavery or turned into refugees. At the end of the Wars several dozen Lintha refugees came together with the intention of recreating the Lintha Kingdom, but they were captured and left for dead by the new rulers of the West.

The survivors were forced to turn to canabalism to survive, and would have died without if not for the timely rescue from another of Kimbery's progeny, the Demon-blooded Leviathan, Lintha Ng Oroo. Oroo, the living island, returned her cousins to the original site of the Lintha's capital city, which had been reduced to a sargasso sea by the events of the Primordial Wars. From here the Lintha began again, harvesting slaves from nearby islands and interbreeding with them.

In the modern era, the Lintha race has been nearly bred out of existence by mixing blood with mortals. However, a careful program of selective marraige, castration, and forced breeding with Demons related to Kimbery, has slowly begun to reinvigorate the Lintha Bloodline. Modern Lintha are tall, but slightly shorter than their ancestors, they have lean long limbs, and fine angular features. Most modern Lintha have gills on their necks as well, which is the most outstanding difference between them and their ancestors.

Fearsome Pirates

When People think of Lintha they usually think of terrible pirates and slavers travelling in long ships without sails, rather than thinking of a race of God-Blooded. The Lintha Family, built around the Lintha race, is made up of a wide variety of people who form the most terrifying band of Pirates in Creation.

The Trademark of the Lintha, besides their cruelty and brutality, are their sailless ships. Lintha Pirate ships, with a few exceptions, are all towed through the water by massive sea creatures, giving them unrivalled speed and manueverability over short distances. The Lintha are also known to leave no survivors on their raids, although they will take captives who will be castrated and sold into slavery. Another of the horrific rumors about the Lintha is their practice of cannibilism. In truth, Lintha pirates will eat the flesh of fallen companions as a sign of respect, but it is still a practice that terrifies their victims.

Joining the Lintha is easy. Any Pirate or Slaver in the West or South can contact the Lintha Family and buy a title and position of respect with a large enough bribe. Others can join the Lintha as well, without the need for a bribe, simply by performing an act that benefits the Lintha and draws their attention. The Lintha family has spies and recruiters in every major Port in the West and South, and even some further out.

Leaving the Lintha on the other hand is impossible. Once you have signed on with the family, the only way to leave is death. Every year a few initiates, who join the family without realizing what they are getting into try to leave, even by fleeing to another part of Creation. Every time, the family goes to extreme lengths to publicly and brutally assassinate the offender.

Lintha Swordplay and Martial Arts

After their distinctive ships and well known brutality, the next most recognized feature of the Lintha is the Auhzian, a sword and fighting syle unique to the Lintha Family. In the West and parts of the South, anyone carrying an Auhzian is instantly recognizable as being associated with the Lintha.

An Auzhian is a type of cutlass, with a short chopping blade, soft padded handle and hand guard. The pommel, hand guard and every inch of the weapon is covered in sharp spikes and blades so that any surface can be used to attack and the blade ends in an abrupt hook that can be used to disarm or rend opponents.

The Lintha fighting style has a ritualistic internal code of honor based on single-combat and respect. However, outside of the Lintha Family this style is considered dirty and dishonorable because of the free use of showy-attacks, underhanded tactics, and vicious maneuvers. Also notable is the Lintha penchant for the use of a Terrestrial Martial Arts style originally employed by their most ancient enemies, the Mosok Dragon Kings. Black Tide Style, which is particularly elegantly deployed while the wielder is submerged, is now primarily remembered only by those cannibal pirates.

Lintha Outcastes

During the period where the Lintha were attempting to regain their footing and reestablish their kingdom in the West, the Shogunate was beginning to crumble. The Lintha family accepted many Shogunate officers into its fleet during this time, and interbred with them. As a result there have been more than a handful of Lintha Outcastes since the time of the Great Contagion. This seems to be more common among the Lintha than other God-Bloods, possibly because of how thin their divine blood has become over the generations.

Outcastes are prized among the Lintha, and are automatically elevated to the status of priests when they Exalt. Outcastes are given a wide range of leeway within the family structure, and are even allowed to defy their elders from time to time without consequence. The Lintha also have a small number of Auhzian containing Jade or Orichalcum, which are gifted to these Outcastes.

Notable Fleets

Pirate Fleets

The Prince Desolation fleet is one of the mightiest controlled by the Lintha. It is composed of the most powerful ships owned by the powerful Haquen sept of the Lintha. The Flagship, Prince Desolation, is the most powerful First Age ship owned by the Lintha Family.

The Virgin's Spree fleet is crewed entirely by God-Blooded orphans and mortal children who have no value as hostages. The fleet is widely feared in the West for the savage brutality of its young crew, few of whom are older than 15. The other Lintha fleets recruit from among the older members of this fleet.

The Tumult's Prowl fleet, also known as the Host Pwoona, is composed of ships captained by Lunar allies of the Lintha, and crewed by their beastmen progeny.

Slaver Convoys

The Gatang Company is a very businesslike front operation for the Lintha, specializing in peculiar sex slaves, drugs, and a wide variety of contraband items and specialist slaves.

The Seelikong Fleet is now made up of a single ship, The Huntress, as the rest of the fleet was destroyed by Chiaroscuro's navy. The Huntress still plies the waters of Chiarscuro, raiding for slaves and wealth as it pleases.

The Kolpongena Company is religiously devoted to Kimbery and Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha, and may be the most successful slaving fleet in Creation.

Important Characters

Other Notes

  • The Warder of the Blue City tells the Lintha that "there is a curse on your blood that cannot be lifted."
  • Sidebox on p. 46 of Blood & Salt has Kan Pol the Younger's reasoning for why "The Lintha curse is no true curse."
  • Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The West retells the story of the Warder.
  • A sidebar in the Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The West states Kan Pol's belief that "The curse was a thing to endure, a penance instead of a condemnation." The same page describes how each Lintha feels "a lust for the flesh and blood of his brethren.", which they rationalize in various ways. Such as on Pg 91: "They had turned their curse into strength by improving base stock with their great blood."
  • Dreams of the First Age, Lands of Creation, p. 104 differentiates the pureblood Lintha from "their debased and cursed relatives". P. 130 describes how Lintha Ng Oroo tries to work around the curse of her mothers' envenomed rage and pain.
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