List of Primordials
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All known Primordials are listed here.

Intact Primordials

Gaia, The Spirit of Creation.

She is the youngest of the Primordials and the only one who still has a jouten in Creation. Her children are the five elemental dragons, and she taught the Incarnae how to create the five original elementals. She sided with the [[[lex:God|Gods]] in their rebellion out of her love for Luna.

Autochthon, The Great Maker.

He is inventor of Exaltation and the five magical materials. He aided the Gods during the war but later left Creation and now resides Elsewhere. He is also the patron and creator of the Alchemical Exalted.

Twisted Primordials

These Primordials were defeated and twisted by the Exalted, and their new forms are known as the Yozi.

The Primordial King

A bodiless force, also known as the Holy Tyrant, the Empyreal Chaos and (later) Malfeas-That-Was. Now the Yozi Malfeas.

Adrián, the River of All Torments

Once the boundary of Creation. She is now known as the Yozi Adorjan.

Unnamed Primordial

Kimbery, The Sea that Marched Against the Flame, Mother of the Lintha.

The Lidless Eye That Sees

This entity is now known as the Yozi Sacheverell, He Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come.[1]

He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word

This entity is now known as Elloge, the Sphere of Speech.[3]

The Dragon's Shadow, the Ultimate Darkness

This Primordial is now known as the Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things. [4]

Slain Primordials

These Primordials were killed entirely and are now known as the Neverborn.

Jheel-Khan, Whose Laughter Turns the Skies to Blood[2]

Lykkennan, the Cavern That Devours Cities

Slain by the Zenith Caste Solar known as Ré-Kia. While it is assumed that Lykkennan is now a Neverborn, its Neverborn name has yet to be revealed.[5]

Mardukth, Who Holds In Thrall.

This Primordial is notable because one of his Third Circle souls, Granalkin, betrayed him for Luna during the Primordial War. Granalkin is now the warden of the Silver Chair, and is referred to as "the Archer on the Silver Pass".


Fell during the Aftershock War in AoM 1215.[7]

Ta'akozoka, the Great Tentacled One[8]

Other Primordials

Canonical Primordials whose ultimate fate has yet to be revealed.

Shadow Over Sun[9]

Cemunian, Constellation of Sinew and Dream

In the Time of Glory, a jealous Cemunian attempted to replace Creation with Cajerrón, a world of his own devising, but was driven off by the Unconquered Sun.[10]

Cytherea, The Mother of All[11]

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