List of Yozis
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Official Yozis

Adorjan, the Silent Wind

She blows throughout Malfeas and slays all lesser living things that she touches, leaving silence in her wake. She is typically warded off by noise, which is why everything and everyone in the Demon City tries to make as much noise as possible.

Cecelyne, the Endless Desert

She is the elder sister of Malfeas, the lawmaker of the Yozis, and the infinite desert that surrounds the demon city. Anyone who wishes to enter Malfeas must cross her for 5 days first, unless they use a powerful artifact or other magic.

Cytherea, the Mother of All

Some have interpreted this to mean that she is the mother, or perhaps former lover, of the Primordial Gaia.

The Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things

Said to be the most sadistic of the Yozi, he is charged with finding a way to free them of their imprisonment. His victims are afflicted with a terrible agony when exposed to any light.

Elloge, the Sphere of Speech

The rebirth of the Primordial known as He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word. She is a being of languages, linguistics and narratives.

Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares

Her clouds and storms are composed of the fear and terror that plague sleepers.

Isidoros, the Black Boar that Twists the Skies

The strongest of the Yozi, able to push apart even Malfeas' layers. Has a distaste for fate but allowed it in exchange for "other considerations".

Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame

She is the acid sea of Malfeas, who pools and stretches under hundreds of miles of buildings and ruins. Mother of the Lintha Pirates.

Malfeas, the Demon City

Once the greatest of the Primordials and the King and ruler of the Yozi, his body now forms the demon city that imprisons the other Yozi (except Cecelyne, who imprisons him). His fetich soul is the green sun, Ligier.

Metagaos, the All-Hunger Blossom

Devours everything within and around him, even light, time, and space. Those who survive passage through the swamp that is his body are left ridden with numerous diseases.

Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World

The eldest of the Primordials, he decided what was outside and what was within Creation. The gods bound him twice over, first imprisoning him in Malfeas, then caging him in a prison of his own wings.

Qaf, the Heaven-Violating Spear

Keeps his distance from his kin, folded into a space beyond the worlds of the other Yozi.

Sacheverell, He Who Sees The Shape Of Things To Come

Is kept asleep by the other Yozi, for if he wakes, all things will be bound into the future he foresees.

She Who Lives In Her Name, the Principle of Hierarchy

She is the Yozi who most resented her imprisonment. She detonated three of her flaming orbs just before being sealed into Malfeas, destroying much of Creation in the process.

Szoreny, the Silver Forest.

He resides on the border of Kimbery, and his trees grow with their roots in the sky rather than the ground.

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