Lover Clad In The Raiment Of Tears

Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears

She Who Must Be Obeyed


The Lover is viewed by most of her peers as a whore and dilettante, save for the Bodhisattva who remembers her from the first age and is frightened of her. Her seemingly incongruous goal is to show everyone in Creation extreme pleasure, as once they realize how hollow they are: "When pleasure ends, nothing of any value remains." Of all her peers, she doesn't seek revenge for her betrayal. In fact, she's happy they ended her, so she can show them the same favor. She rules her domain and the Fortress of Crimson Ice in the northeast of the Underworld.


Other than the Bodhisattva, the other Deathlords look down on her. She was the first Deathlord to Exalt an Abyssal. For her servants, she looks for strong-willed individuals and let's the Exaltation augment what's already there. She also has a few Solar Exalted and several Dragon-Blooded under her control, who love her madly through the power of her Charms. Previously, she took over her fortress by seducing and destroying the monks that stayed there, and left them to wander her citadel in pangs of either sexual exhaustion or need to torment them.


No matter what form she takes, she is incredibly beautiful. She's actually improved the shape shifting abilities inherent to all the Deathlords by being able to take the form of the viewer's ideal sexual partner.


The Lover gained control of the Fortress of Crimson Ice during the Great Contagion. She created the Laughing Wounds Style of martial arts. She also commissioned the construction of the soulsteel noble warstrider, Hateful Devourer of Love. Hateful Devourer of Love is currently in the hands of Lookshy, though that seems to have been her plan all along. She controls a Soulsteel rapier called Siren in Avern, as well as an eleven-sided mirror called the Mirror of Darkness. She's got many other artifacts and First Age devices. She doesn't fight unless she absolutely has to, preferring misdirection and obfuscation. If pressed, however, she is adept in at least three different Celestial Martial Arts.


Notable servants of this deathlord are:

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