Lunar Exalted
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These mighty savages are the champions of Luna. The Lunars were once the mates of the Solar Exalted, as well as their bodyguards and commanders of their armies. The Lunar Exalts either fled to the hinterlands of the Threshold after the Usurpation or died alongside their mates in futile battle. Today, most of these shapeshifting warriors live as barbarians, blaming the downfall of the Solars (and even their inability to save them) on civilization's softening effects.

The Lunar Exalted are the Chosen of Luna and are the most chaotic and savage of the Exalted. In the First Age the cunning shapeshifters were skilled fighters and capable generals who were commonly bonded in wedlock to the Solar Exalted. Those that did not die with their Solar mates fled to the edges of Creation.

At the borders of Creation, and in the chaos of the Wyld, over the intervening centuries they have been changed - sometimes physically even, but mostly socially and psychologically. Shunning civilization they live a number of lives. Some have birthed whole tribes of animal-human hybrid barbarians while others live in deep seclusion in their hard to reach wilderness territories and others have abandoned their humanity to live as wild animals though the use of their shapeshifting powers.

Now Solar Exalted are returning, the Dragon-blooded's Scarlet Dynasty is teetering and possibly on the verge of collapse, the Wyld is encroaching further into Creation carrying with it manifestations of the Fair Folk and there is a new (and deadly) threat found in the Deathlords, the Lunars may return to a world that has changed as much as they have.

Culturally, the lunars have developed a tribal hierarchy and ritualistically protect themselves from the warping effects of the Wyld with various charms and tattoos that serve as additional marks of their difference from the rest of humanity. Additionally, beyond self-inflicted distinguishing marks, each lunar has a "Tell" that manifests as an animal-like characteristic that is visible to some degree or another in their human forms, further setting them apart from mortals.

Other names

Steward is the ancient epithet of the Lunar Exalted, similar to the Solars' epithet of Lawgivers; now remembered only by the Lunars themselves and their close mortal allies.

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1. Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars - the book that details the Lunar Exalted for the Second Edition rules
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