Madelrada, That Which Wears Down the Mountains

Demon of the Third Circle, Eight Soul of Kimbery

In the Age before history, when the Primordials played games of empire with mortals and Lintha and Dragon Kings, few equaled Madelrada in matters of strategy. When the gods made war against their makers, Madelrada directed legions of Lintha warriors against the armies of the Exalted. And now, as Kimbery drowses in her cage of blackened bone, Madelrada tests her stratagems with demon armies, always preparing for war against the lords of Creation.

Demons speak of Madelrada in reverent, uneasy tones. She numbers among the Eight Masterful Demon Generals who survived the Primordial War, infernal masterminds that endured the ravages of battle and the traumatic reshaping of the Yozis into their own prison. In military matters, her principles run toward Fabian tactics and guerrilla warfare. Like her progenitor, she is a creature of ebb and flow. She guides her troops upon the tides of battle, striking suddenly and then falling back, willingly sacrificing troops to achieve her objectives. She gladly loses any number of battles to win a war. This philosophy informs all of her actions and inspires apprehension in those who deal with her. Who can say whether a victory over Madelrada in battle or intrigue is but a stepping stone to ultimate defeat?

Madelrada appears as a massive woman, tall and barrel- chested, whose indigo skin absorbs the light. Her eyes gleam with blunt, authoritative intellect, and her hair is cut in a military crop. Both are dull gray and flecked with rust. At all times, she attires herself in nigh-impenetrable armor of ivory and tarnished bronze.

Summoning: (Obscurity 2/5) Sorcerers typically call upon Madelrada for martial purposes, whether to slaughter enemies in personal combat or manage prolonged campaigns against a superior foe. On rare occasions, when great wars decimate the adult populations of whole swaths of the Threshold, she may follow the resulting rivers of blood back into Creation.

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