Mask Of Winters

The Mask of Winters

Larquen Quen
The Lord of Thorns



Nothing is known of Larquen Quen prior to his Exaltation.


Nothing is known of Larquen Quen's Exaltation at present.

Since his Exaltation

Death and Transformation

The Lord of Thorns

The new master of Thorns, a former Realm satrapy, the Mask of Winters comes to mind when those of Creation speak of Deathlords. His face is concealed behind a mask of enchanted ice, grinning maniacally or with a furious countenance, and the tattered funerary robes he wears are hemmed with silver letters that sicken mortals and slay animals that look upon them. The youngest Deathlord is a massive figure, made all the more imposing by his soulsteel plate armor, Grieving Shelter, that screeches as a wailing child in the rare event he is struck. Frigid Razor, his Grand Daiklave, is forged of pitch-black soulsteel and perpetually covered in frost.

Creation was, in fact, unaware of the threat posed by the Deathlords until the Mask of Winters conquered the city of Thorns a scant year after the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress. Riding in his dread fortress on the back of the dying Behemoth Juggernaut, the Deathlord swept away the pitiful defenses of the beleaguered Imperial tributary, and now he sits as the "benevolent ruler" of a new empire, a puppet king nominally in charge of the conqueror's newly acquired city. More disconcerting than most other known facts about the Mask of Winters is that, following the battle over Thorns, a massive shadowland spread to encompass the city in a matter of days, rather than the centuries of strife normally required for one so large. Still more disturbing, it continues to grow.

The Mask of Winters is the prototypical villain, a master of lies, deceit and war. While certainly not as accomplished as the First and Forsaken Lion on the battlefield, he has made greater gains in Creation than any of his peers, and at astonishing speed. His agents infiltrate the courts of anyone he deals with, including his fellow Deathlords, and he plots and schemes against everyone constantly. His goals are simple and direct: to rule both Creation and the Underworld completely and masterfully.

Stories involving The Mask of Winters

None at present.

Other notes on The Mask of Winters
Was once the lover of The Green Lady in life and is now her lover again in death.
Was once the student of the Solar artificer, Kal Bax.
Was once the companion of the Solar who would eventually die and become known as the Walker in Darkness.
Died several centuries after the Usurpation at the Invisible Fortress of Kal Bax.


Notable servants of this Deathlord are:

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