Mountain Folk
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The Jadeborn or Mountain Folk as they are known to surface dwellers, are an ancient race built by Autochthon. While most of Creation believes them to be an odd type of Fair Folk, the truth is somewhat different, though they share a common origin. They are ex-Raksha nobles, trapped as jade beings during the making of Creation. The Artisan Caste literally carves new Mountain Folk out of a special block of jade, giving them their name.

They reside underground and fight the Endless War against the Darkbroods. Under the binding of the Great Geas, they are unable to remain on the surface of Creation unless under the direct orders of an Exalted. They currently possess the largest military force in existence, numbering at four million troops, trapped in constant warfare. They are divided into three castes, the Artisans, the Workers, and the Warriors. They're further divided by whether or not they're Enlightened (a condition not unlike being Exalted). Every Artisan is Enlightened, while most Workers and Warriors aren't; the few who are are viewed as mistakes that were supposed to be Artisans.

Mountain Folk Charms come in four Patterns: Foundation, Artisan, Worker, and Warrior.

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