Princess Magnificent With Lips Of Coral And Robes Of Bla

Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers

The Black Heron


A beautiful, alluring and even shy-seeming creature, like any other Deathlord the Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers (also known as "the Black Heron") is a twisted, deadly and evil being. Instrumental in the spread of the Great Contagion, she quickly established her own principality in what is now known as Walker's Realm, settling in the poorly defended House of Bitter Reflections. The Princess' hubris and downfall were instrumental in the foundation of the city known as Great Forks, whence three gods led their followers to create a new realm and defy the Heron. Blind to her own coming doom, the gods wove a tale of triumph and drove the Princess back into the Underworld. Now the Black Heron leads a pitiful existence, her punishment short of only descent into Oblivion. Originally to be devoured by her Neverborn master, He Who Holds in Thrall, the First and Forsaken Lion pledged his service to the twisted Primordial in return for the existence and service of the Princess. Stripped of none of her powers or faculties, the Princess is simply subjected to the cruel and humiliating mastery of the Forsaken Lion. Right now her primary goal is to escape her subservience to the First and Forsaken Lion and be her own Deathlord again. Currently, she's attempting a plan to bring her back into her Neverborn master's good graces in a place called Dari.


Princess Magnificent hates those who planned to overthrow her and put her in her position with fury. She would see the Eastern Forests burned if she could do it. She is barred from pursuing any avenues of power, though she has managed to defy this edict in one instance and has acquired her own sad, pathetic deathknight, whose situation is arguably as bad as her own. In the stronghold she's taken for herself, she also is slowly building a force of ghosts and Nemmissaries, though she has to be very careful the Lion doesn't find out. She also has one Deathknight in her power, Son of Crows, who she has in turn driven mad then placed at the head of her budding spy network.


While not the temptress the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears is, the Black Heron is very beautiful in her own right. She typically appears as a ting beauty wearing a cloak of black feathers. Her eyes are green and her skin is like porcelain. She wears green silk under her robe, and wears a grand head dress like that of a black bird. Her feet never seem to touch the ground, and it looks like she's floating when she walks.


The Princess Magnificent wields the of Discord, though she has no cause to use it in the service of the First and Forsaken Lion. It is a testament to her ruthlessness that it's said she forged the Umbrella, which holds the bones and skin of five dead Solars, during the First Age. Her black feathered cloak has properties of its own, allowing her to fly and raising her movement speed. While she used to hold the House of Bitter Reflections, he she fled she cursed the land so no other Deathlord could ever hold it. The Lion had also built her a Warstrider for her own use named Joy in the Suffering of Others. When he presented it, he told her it was hers if she asked, which she has not done yet. When forced into combat, she uses her Umbrella of Discord to frightening effect, using it as a form-type weapon for at least one Celestial Martial Art she has mastered. She, like all Deathlords, knows quite a few custom charms to help her in combat.

Notable servants of this deathlord are:

In the Black Heron's primary descriptions (the Abyssal book and Second Edition Storytellers Companion), she is described as having only one servant, Son of Crows. This is contradicted by the character description of Water the Fields with Blood from the Cult of the Illuminated book, which describes him as the only deathknight of Princess Magnificent's.

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