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The setting of Exalted is comprised of many different elements that all combine to create the world of Exalted. The most prominent element with regard to the setting is, of course, locations in Exalted, but the cultures and organizations represented in the system help to flesh out the world of "Creation" as well as the elements that exist outside of the "standard" setting (such as the Wyld, Elsewhere, Yu-Shan, Malfeas, the Underworld and Autochthonia). Alternate settings and House Rules also round out the array of elements that enrich or alter the setting, and it is important to note that the Storyteller is both allowed to and encouraged to alter the setting in any way he or she sees fit.

The various settings of Exalted are described throughout the books, but Storytellers looking to incorporate specific elements into their games should reference the List of Books to determine what supplements would be useful for enriching the games of their players.

Setting Elements

Alternate Settings

Additional versions of the Exalted setting, or entirely new worlds for use with the Exalted ruleset can be found below

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